Monday, April 10, 2006

Was anyone surprised

When Andy was eliminated last night on "Who Will Be the Next FoodTV Star?"

I was!

I really thought Reggie deserved to get the boot last night. His presentations were very lifeless. He seemed to be discouraged and losing his spunk.

Carissa, on the other hand, is really beginning to Wow me.

The judges seemed impressed with her television show pitch on French cooking and the camera loves her. She has a great television host smile.

I am now thinking she might go all the way.

She's come a long way since she made that "pea on the floor" comment during the first (or was it second?) episode.

I couldn't believe when Alton Brown told her that it was not appropriate to wear a sexy low blouse during her demo and gave her a jacket to cover herself with. Obviously he does not watch his own network's other chefs. Have you ever seen a show where Giada was not bursting out all over?

I am always afraid she is going to burn the girls with spitting grease!


  1. I always seem to miss this because of the ABC Sunday night shows.
    I had to laugh when you said that Giada 'spills out' of her tops-all size zero of her. Now me, I would be doing the spilling-lol

  2. I was also surprised that Reggie didn't get the boot! I agree Carissa is showing a little bit more of what she can do. Still not sure if Guy will hang in there!


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