Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who Knew

That sage was a perennial herb?

I am glad I did not pull this sage out of my little herb pot last fall. I just assumed it was an annual.

I planted it because I had a delicious meal of chicken saltimboca at an Italian restaurant, and I wanted to re-create the dish at home.

I never got around to making the sage-stuffed chicken breast.

Now I have another chance to actually use the herb.

Anyone else do that? Plants herbs and never use them?

I am thinking that I should cut this sage back to dirt level? Anyone know for sure?


  1. I never use any of the herbs in my garden, but I have too many visiting dogs to make the idea palatable. Yuck!

    I'd take the sage down to half it's level, and it will send up multiple sprouts from below the cut.

    Down here, the standard sage is the only one I've successfully overwintered, but not without occasionally trying to get the purple and variegated to come back... going to try this again this year, so your post is timely! Sage is on my mind.

  2. Zoey,
    If I took a picture of my sage you would really chuckle. I have it in a raised bed and it grows like wildfire year round! It shares a 4x8' bed with oregano and both are almost weedlike here! I couldn't use that much fresh sage or oregazno in ten lifetimes! It is a wonderful groundcover for this bed. (Rosemary is exactly the same and it grows anywhere!)
    I do use all the herbs I grow, but I can't use them up fast enough!

  3. Surprise! I have a sage plant too. I think it does taste better dried. I can't see why you can't cut it back.

  4. Zoey I have sage in my front garden that was there when I moved into this house and I chopped it right down to the graound and pulled most of it out. The sage came back and I now keep it under control and let it be. The reason behind this is because when I am weeding it just smells so wonderful when you touch it. However I never use it because there are too many cats in the area.


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