Thursday, April 20, 2006

Did They Survive?

See the baskets of sweet potato vine on each side of the arbor?

Last fall I decided to try to save them. I just cut off all the foliage and stuck them in the crawl space under the house for the winter.

I pulled them out yesterday and I think they have survived.

It's hard to see here, but there are little red live-looking pieces coming up. I gave them some water and will keep them in the garage (setting them out for a few hours each day to get some sun) until there is no danger of frost (end of May here).


  1. I hope they survived for you. I actually never thought to try and save mine, the containers look rather bare.
    I have some of my houseplants set out. Everything is in super fast growing mode here. Thank goodness we have some rain on the horizon.
    One of my alliums is opening!

  2. Zoey - thank you for this posting. I've not seen or heard of 'Sweet Potato Vine' but I'm certainly going to see if I can get some. They look so lovely especially against the white woodwork.

    At first I thought you meant the Potato Vine (Solanum jasminoides) which just has green leaves and a profusion of small white flowers and climbs EVERYWHERE. But I see the vine to which you are referring is a quite different genus, and looks beautiful. I hope yours survived the winter.

  3. Oh, you have a head start on your "Fine Gardening Magazine" containers. ;-)

    I love that black sweet potato vine. I like to combine it with the chartreuse variety in urn-shaped containers. I never thought about overwintering them though. I will have to try that this year.


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