Friday, November 16, 2012

Who from the House of Reps is Reading my Little Blog?

It appears that someone from Philadelphia posted my 2009 maggot-in-canned-tomatoes post to facebook....

and someone from the US House of Reps stopped by to read it.  Look at the bottom two entries....
 Can you imagine?  It must have been a dull day on Capitol Hill!! ( I have whited out the IP addresses so whomever it was could not be identified.)  Since they checked in at 1:53 pm, I hope they were on their lunch hour.  I would hate to think our tax dollars are paying for them to read my blog.  LOL.


  1. Must have been an interesting read. :) Makes you wonder why it was posted to FB though?
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Yup it must have been a slow day. More interesting than discussing the Fiscal Cliff.

  3. Maybe they were reading on their lunch hour? Too funny! Though I am amazed when I hear about people blogging at work, surfing the web, etc. They must not have much to do!

  4. Now I want to read the original post. I'm curious about the Facebook connection too.

  5. That's HILARIOUS!!!! So glad you shared this =)


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