Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Buy Calphalon

 A few years ago I purchased a Calphalon stock pot.  I loved this 12 -quart stock pot---until a few months ago when I noticed that the hard ionized finish was wearing off.

Hmmmmmmmm.....has what I presumed to be pepper, really been slivers of the finish from this cookware?  I thought this was not supposed to happen with Calphalon.  I only use wooden utensils in this pot.  I googled and found that others had the same problem when cooking with tomatoes in Calphalon.  I cook with tomatoes all the time in this pot.  Nothing was ever mentioned prior to my purchase about tomatoes.

So I have sworn off Calphalon.  I have read that if you contact them, write a letter, send pics, etc. etc. you may get a refund.  That is way more work than I want to do.  Instead I will just post this negative review in hopes that it will prevent at least a few people getting taken as I did with this cookware and I will never again buy this brand.  If a Calphalon representative should read this and want to make things right, just send me an email.  I may then change my opinion.

Right now I have decided to buy stainless steel like this Cuisinart 10-qt. stock pot that I just ordered. It has no black finish to wear off.

I hope I really like it. A good stockpot is a necessity in my kitchen.


  1. So sorry about your pot wearing away like that. It may be the tomatoes right? I make chili in my big pots and use mostly wood and plastic, yet they still get marred. Mine are the t-fal I think (QVC outlet purchases). I noticed the finish coming off a small sauce pan when I whipped egg whites or something in it.
    I do hope you like the new pot.

  2. I went to all stainless steel several years ago, Zoey. I have one non-stick frying pan I use for omelets and that is it! xo Diana

  3. I use stainless steel mostly. I do still have one skillet that I guess is teflon. I like it best for frying things but otherwise use the stainless for everything.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. That is good to know...they should be held accountable for that. Good for you for speaking up about this. Nobody needs to be eating that stuff in their food!

  5. I love my stainless steel stock pots.

    I have 2 and sometimes wish I had 3. In fact we made blackberry jelly today in on. Yes on thanksgiving day we made 8 pints of jelly. We had to clean out the freezer to make way for the venison!

  6. I love my stainless steel stockpot, I've had it for at least 27 years and it still looks beautiful. As for nonstick pans I have a set of Scan Pans and the small sauce pan and the 10 inch skillet I use when cooking spaghetti sauce and Spanish rice both their nonstick surfaces are damaged to a point I threw them away.

  7. Yeah, I finally realized my eggs weren't flavored with pepper, but teflon! My skillet wasn't Calphalon but that is an expensiver brand and that shouldn't have happened.

  8. We mainly use our cast iron cookware

  9. A few years ago is key in this story. Teflon is no longer legal to be used as cookware. Your problem is the key reason why. All you would have to do is send back the pan and Calphalon would replace it. Help you, help yourself next time. One should also know tomatoes have a high acidity which you should not use plastic spoons when cooking with them either. That means no more microwaving your left over pasta with red tomato sauce, chili or any other tomato based dish. One should know that plastic should never be used for heating a dish in the microwave or conventional oven period. That goes with Teflon and tomatoes. It's a sad truth. If only we knew then what we know now. A great deal of research should go into what kind of cooking gear you will need in the future before making that recipe you found online or on pinterest.


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