Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Wreath with Bird's Nest

Since I only had to make two vegetable dishes for our family potluck Thanksgiving dinner, I had plenty of time to putz around during the day.

It was 60 degress outside, so I spent an hour cutting down Sedum Autumn Joy (3 wheelbarrows full).

Then  I decided to make a Christmas wreath.

I put an artifical wreath on an easel in the basement and set about rummaging through boxes to find items to add.  I began with this checkered ribbon and some pinecones.

I added a dried allium seed head to the center of the bow.

 I found some fruit picks and more dried money plant and poked them in a few areas.  One box yielded my real bird's nest that I have  been using on my tree for a number of years.  I am not planning to put up a large tree this year, so I stuck the nest on this wreath.
I don't even know yet where I will put this. But it's ready to hang when I decide.

I still need to add a few more sprigs of lime green foliage.  If I can ever find it!  I searched and searched, but have not yet found the contaniner I stored it in last year.  Hate when that happens...
In my next post I will give you the recipe for these asparagus spirals:


  1. The wreath is gorgeous.
    I'm going to be starting on decorations today--and I'm hoping (hahahaha) that I can find all my stuff--it's scattered in the basement, the garage, and the barn. I know there has to be some way to organize it all, but it's just overwhelming at this point.

  2. That's really lovely Zoey. Deserves a place that it's seen by all. I like the checkered ribbon on it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Zoey, Your wreath is truly beautiful! Have a good wknd!

  4. Leave it to you to come up with a beautiful wreath like that just by using whatever you had at hand:-) It turned out so lovely!!

    It was up in the 60's over here as well yesterday, so unusual for this time of year. Today it's quite windy, rainy and much cooler.

    I started decorating yesterday but the tree will have to wait because I want a real tree this year and I won't be able to go get one until next week or so. xoxo

  5. Your wreath looks absolutely beautiful, Zoey. I hope you can find the perfect place fo it. Great job. We had the same weather you had yesterday and last night it dropped into the 20's. UGH! xo Diana

  6. Pretty and yum all in one post. You are getting me in the mood to decorate.

  7. Nice job! I love when you repurpose things like the nest, etc. I can surely understand not having a big tree. With my hip issue, I am wondering if I can do it, but the guys will have to do a lot of it if they want it up.

  8. Nice wreath, Zoey, I especially love the bird's nest! I know what you mean about not being able to find things from last year. I couldn't find my long white tablecloth and had to use a Christmas one for Thanksgiving. Maybe nobody noticed!

  9. You've made a really lovely wreath and it is so original. I like the bird nest with blue egg in it.


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