Saturday, November 17, 2012

Haan Review & Productive Saturday!

You can get a lot done when you get up before 3:00 a.m.   Especially if you fall asleep at 8 p.m. as I did last night.

By 7:00 a.m. this morning, I had finished machine quilting my Christmas tree skirt and used my Haan steamer to clean 3 floors and a bathroom.

I spent the afternoon cooking and made chocolate chunk cookies, chili, and  Michigan upper peninsula beef pasties (meat & veggie pies).

Look at these colorful veggies --potatoes, rutabaga, celery, carrots
that go inside the pastie
We like these with beef gravy, but a lot of people prefer ketchup.  We had them for dinner tonight and I froze 4 for meals later this winter.  I make them without a recipe, but you can just google "Michigan pasties" to find a number of recipes as well as the folklore behind this old miner's lunch recipe.
I am getting a lot of use from the Haan sanitizer I ordered two weeks ago. 
Such a lovely slender work of art...
I am happy with this purchase, except for her tendency to topple over
although if she had not fallen over, you would not see  the 15 steam holes that seem to be quite a positive feature with this brand. :)
You can push these two buttons
to release this hand held unit which is easier to maneuver around areas like bathtubs,

countertops and even commodes.

Do you see the steam at the top?  I am hoping that it is sanitizing as it claims to do.

I think this steam sanitizer is just that....something to use if you only want to sanitize otherwise clean surfaces.  I don't think it would be very useful if you have very dirty floors, etc. It does a good job picking up little spots of spilled coffee like this
I have used it three times since I got it just over a week ago.  After using it on the kitchen, hallway and bathroom floor this morning, the cleaning pad looked like this:
You just toss the dirty pad in the washing machine/dryer and it's ready to use again. It definitely picked up the dirt from the past three days since I used it last. It is way easier than cleaning on my hands/knees as I have done for the past 30 years. 

So far I am happy. It even matches my other favorite cleaning machine--my Dyson vacuum cleaner.
I just hope it holds up for at least a few years to justify the $185 price (which included four extra cleaning pads).


  1. Oh- I didn't realize that one was that expensive. I have the Shark and love it. It does a fantastic job. I have had my own for about 4 or 5 years and it still works like a charm. Glad you had a productive day- I spent the day with my girls "playing". xo Diana

  2. very productive day...your dinner sounds really good...

  3. Where do you get your energy? Will you come to my house for about a week. haha
    The paste sounds good. I have had them in Northern Minnesota.

  4. Okay I really feel like a slacker after reading your post.

    I thought getting up and being at Wally world by 8:30, then Aldi's, another grocery store, Hobby Lobby and the bakery and back home by 10:30 was an accomplishment.

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. I have the shark cleaner and I use it for sanitizing more than cleaning although as you say they pick up the dirt. That meal looks amazing.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Glad to hear the steamcleaner worked out for you.
    And I'll skip the pasties and move right on to the cookies!!


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