Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is this Hospitable?

Our blogs are our virtual homes.  I think when I am invited to someone's home, I should be treated in a hospitable manner, don't you?

I recently went to a blog and this ad popped up...
This is a new low for me.  When an ad pops up that even covers the blog post, that's just too much.  I shook my head in disbelief, hit the print screen and X'd out.  I do not even remember what blog this was.  I doubt it is anyone who visits here, because my followers would never treat a guest in such a poor manner.  This blog owner cares only about how much profit she/he can make from these obnoxious advertisers!
I am finding blogs less interesting to read. There are way too many bloggers out there waiting to be discovered. They blog only  to make a profit and it's a huge turnoff.  Reading blogs is getting to be just like reading magazines--the ads outweigh the content.  That is whey I let almost all of my magazine subscriptions expire.  Now I am almost at that point with blogs.  It's just not fun being used as a "hit" for their advertising aspirations.

Off my soapbox and back to gardening...

DH was shocked when he noticed how big this Burning Bush was.

It is in flower right now. The flowers are nearly invisible against the golden green foliage.

There is not much of else of interest right now. I did notice that the hyacinth beans broke through the ground  yesterday.

To the right of this arbor is where I planted the packs of amaranthus seeds that I showed you in this post.
It has been over two weeks and so far nothing has come up!  If nothing breaks ground this week, I will have to plant something different there.

One of these days, I really should put the chairs around that white table. :)


  1. I know. I have one I visit that occasionally one of the popups is bigger than my screen and I have a hard time getting rid of it.

    Lovely garden there and that burning bush is huge.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Here's the thing with the pop ups. Do we know when they will pop up? I do not have any advertising on my blog but some words are automatically underlined and when your cursor hovers over that word ads pop up... wtf?

    I love your garden area and that's a huge burning bush!

  3. thankgoodness the blogs I follow don't do that but I have visited some...I don't go back...

  4. I hear you on the pop-ups! They sometimes crawl across the screen too. A certain recipe site lets you search for a recipe and then puts up a big screen to make you sign up with the site!
    Your garden is filling in nicely! I also have a burning bush, but don't remember ever trimming it.

  5. I'm with you, Zoey! There are several blogs that I don't visit anymore because of the massive amount of advertising. Same thing with magazines- I gave up most of them.

    However, don't you DARE give up blogging! Blogging needs REAL people! People that have great gardens and bad days and great projects and some disappointments. That is why I come here to visit you. xo Diana

  6. Your spring garden is looking quite cheery!

  7. Zoey, you definately need to put chairs out there---what a great spot to relax.
    Hope you aren't in line for frost tonight. We are under freeze warnings. I'd put an expletive there, but I try to behave here.

  8. Hello dear Zoey:-)

    It feels so good to be back to blogging and visiting, I've really missed all of you.

    I absolutely detest pop ups when I visit a web site, especially if it's a blog! I also don't like when a blog has all kinds of advertisements on it. A couple of years ago I received an email asking me if I wanted to earn a bit of cash by advertising stuff on my blog...NO THANK YOU!!!

    Your garden is starting to fill out nicely. Last year I had so many tulips in bloom but this year only 4 bloomed!!! The weather played havoc with them by being so warm in March and then having frost in May:-( My other plants are filling out well and hopefully they won't have been affected. The only thing I have in bloom right now is my lilac tree.

    Cool day today and overcast. We need rain but I would like the warmth back!! lol xoxo

  9. Zoey, Your garden looks great - very lush and filling in nicely. It'd be great to have breakfast or a cup of tea in the garden at that nice little table.
    On the ads issue, I'm ok with ads on the sidebar but not ones that cover the content. By the way, I do not have ads on my blog.

  10. Oh I so want that burning bush. I had one at the old house (19 yrs ago) and it was beautiful. I bought one for this house and it was just never the same and eventually died.
    As for you ads, I agree. but I think if it popped up that big, by accident you must have rolled your cursor over it.
    I will look forward to your burning bush this fall.
    I had my first rain lily bloom yesterday!


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