Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chocolate Cream Cheese Filled Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my blog friend, Dianne, sent me a book called Favorite Recipes from Quilters.  Thanks again, Dianne, I have really enjoyed perusing the book when I have a spare moment. Since it was only 29 degrees outside this morning, I decided to stay inside and try an easy recipe from the book.

I did not follow the recipe exactly. I put my cream cheese in the center instead of on top.

 You should be able to read the recipe in the picture above. Don't bake them for 25 minutes--or at least check them at about 18 minutes. I baked mine for 20 and that was about a minute too long for  my oven.

Nontheless, I found them to be quite tasty after I added a dollup of vanilla frosting and a squiggle of chocolate syrup.

About mid-morning, I decided to go to my local Lazyboy furniture store to get something to sit on in the family room. This is what I ended up buying, minus those accent pillows:

It is the exact color I had in my mind.  The chaise is just perfect for a five foot person like me. I will be going back later today with a cushion from the two other chairs in the room, so I can get pillows made to complement. 

I hope DH likes it.  He really does not care at all about furniture, decorating, etc. Still I am having them hold off delivery until tomorrow, just so he has a chance to voice his opinion. I will have him go in and sit on the sofa to make sure it is comfortable for his 6 ft. 3 inch body.

I just remembered that I have not gone outside today and I need to remove the heavy blankets I covered all the containers with last night.  I had better get out there now and do that.  Then I think I will run a few more errands before I need to start dinner.


  1. The cupcakes look wonderful. You always come up with good things to eat.

    Like your choice on furniture. Should look good in that room.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Looking forward to seeing your furniture in your room, I'm sure it will look great!
    And the cupcakes look so devine, have one for me..or 2..or 3..Oh no stop, no more:)

  3. The cupcakes look really good. Like the filling idea.

    Your new furniture is beautiful. That is an easy color to live with and I think you will love it for a long time.

    Have a great evening, Zoey- xo Diana

  4. Chocolate looks WONDERFUL!
    Furniture looks BEAUTIFUL
    Your temps SUCKS!

  5. Yummy looking cupcakes! Glad you are enjoying the cookbook-love recipes like that.
    I love the sofa! I'm sure hubby will like the chaise part too! The color is pretty!

  6. Cupcakes look wonderful.
    I love your choice in furniture...Hope he likes it too.



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