Friday, May 4, 2012

Bare Family Room & Overwintered Plants that Survived

I have been thinking of buying new family room furniture for the past five years. During that time, I made numerous visits to the few local furniture stores we have, but never found anything I really loved.  The Lazy-Boy furniture I had was still is very good condition, so I was in no hurry.

Recently a close family member needed furniture, so I donated mine.  Today my two nephews came over to get the furniture.  We had it all ready to go.

Lazy-boy sofas and loveseats are very heavy, so we removed all the backs to make them lighter. I was amazed how those two strong burly men picked it right up and carried it out through the deck doors with no problem at all!  Oh, to be young and strong!

Now I am left with this:
There are still two chairs, so I don't feel rushed to find something.  I really have had no desire to go furniture shopping, even though I have known for at least a month that I needed to.  For now we will live with a nearly empty room.    One of these days I will get my decorating mojo back and then it will be fun.

See the window without the curtain?  Some of you may remember I have been trying to find those curtains since I took down my Christmas tree.  I finally found them two weeks ago in a plastic tote in the basement.  Now I probably don't need them. It depends on what the new family room colors will be.   "C'est la vie."

Anybody know what this is?
I am thinking it's some kind of mint. It is a pot I overwintered on the deck near my herb pot.  I can't remember what mint I bought last year....spearmint maybe?  I guess I will just have to wait and see.  I really need to write down what I am saving!  I always think I will remember, but I never do.  Do you have that same problem? 

I am pretty optimistic with the two French urns that I overwintered in the garage.  This one has a dahlia coming up.
 I thought I removed all the Trebbiano dahlias last fall because I felt they were too tall for this urn.  I must have missed one.

I was totally surprised to see this coming up in both of the urns. I am guessing it must be the Purple Heart I planted last year.

I am totally thrilled that these two urns have over wintered. I really thought that I would lose everything in them.

    These are the urns I am talking about:

So far only the purple fountain grass and the sweet potato vine have not thrown up new shoots. It is still early, so I am still hopeful.

I hope you all have a wonderful gardening weekend!


  1. I have to really be in the mood to furniture shop, too, Zoey. Especially if I don't have a specific "look" in mind. How nice that you have donated it to someone that can use it though.

    Not sure what is coming up in your pot..and yes- I never know what is in where~

    Your urns last year were beautiful. didn't realize that sweet potato vine came back...always thought it was an annual.

    Hope you have a good weekend- xo Diana

  2. You'll find new furniture when you are ready. That was very nice to donate yours to them as it's so hard for youngsters to try and get what all they need.

    Don't know what the one is, but your urns already look great. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Well it looks like you will once more have beautiful pots of flowers and greens!
    Waiting to see what furniture you choose.
    Have a good weekend Zoey!

  4. I always say I'll remember what was planted where, but I never do. I've finally started writing everything down, even though it's usually a pain to do so at the time.
    I think you're going to be surprised at the price of furniture now. I was "shocked" when we went looking. I just kept telling myself-"hopefully it's the LAST set I'll need"--LOL!

  5. You will have a great time picking out new furniture. It's difficult being without family room furniture since that seems to be the place everyone gathers.


  6. I totally forget all.the.time what I've overwintered here or transplanted there. I always think that I'll remember and then 6 months later I have no clue.
    Happy furniture shopping! Have a nice weekend-looks like you guys got a lot of rain this week, too.

  7. Forgetful is becoming my middle name. LOL! It is wonderful that your container flowers made it through the winter. The urns were so pretty last year. How sweet to help the family. I know you will come up with some great ideas to redo your family room Zoey. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Wow, I think you really want new sofas! I like the Cindy Crawford denim sofa-looks so comfy. I guess you don't know about leather either? Brown leather would be pretty in your family room there. I think I want a sofa I can sink into and take a nap on. : )
    Good luck with your pots of plants. I have a rather spindly Persian Shield I took outside a few days ago that even bloomed in the basement this winter. I got a get Coleus, but they are also sad. A few Coleus cuttings in water may have made it. And I took the Passion Flower out a bit early and it's slowed that down. So hard to save plants that are tender.



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