Sunday, May 20, 2012

DH Does it Again

The deck floor always looks amazing right after he stains it.
He helped me fill the new whiskey barrels with potting mix and then I planted them all in purple.
The white shoot in the back is 'Tropicana'. There are at least five 'Trops' in this one container, so it won't be long before their huge purple/red striped leaves give it the thriller plant it needs.  In late July the huge orange 'Tropicana' flowers will bloom. I planted both of these barrels with the same plants. They can be seen from the sliding glass doors in the family room, so I wanted something that looked good with my new green furniture. :) Yes, I do try to coordinate for my inside/outside summer living.

That is all the planting I did today. For my old age deck gardening, I plan to have just six of these big barrels - 2 flanking each entrance (there is another side to the deck that you cannot see in this pic).

Since I am not yet in my "old age" years, I still have a ton of other planters that we just brought out. See that long one? It must have at least 3 dozen yellow calla lilies in it. The wood is rotting, so I will be removing all of them and integrating them into other containers.

I will be working on these planter combos for the next couple of weeks.  I think the most fun with container gardening is planning the containers and the plant combinations.

I have some new ideas for this year.   After spending slightly over $100 each for my big urns last year, I decided there must be a less expensive way to get my new container fix.  Once again I "shopped" my basement and found three wooden crates that my father-in-law made years ago.  I decided to splash a little paint on them in the same colors as  my other deck furniture.  Cute?  I think so and they cost me nothing but a little time as I already had both of the paint colors.
I plan to fill all three with a pink and red dahlia combo.

As my 80-yr old work friend always says, "What's life without a little fun?"  I hope all of you are having a fun Sunday!


  1. Oh- Your deck looks great! That's a big job well done! I think your whiskey barrels will look wonderful when they start filling in. They always look so naked when you start them, don't they? My big planters are the same way.

    I am going to plant a fairy garden with the little girls sometime this next week. I can't to figure out what to put in it. I have a rusty old wheelbarrow for the base.

    Those crates will look great filled with plants. Are you lining them with plastic liner or that grassy stuff? xo Diana

  2. Diana,

    DH will love to see your comment. :)

    It always amazes me how bare the containers look when planted. Within a few weeks they will be filled to the brim!

    Your fairy garden sounds like a fun project with your grands. What a great idea to use a wheelbarrow!

    I am thinking of just putting other containers inside the much easier! It is also much easier to clean up in the fall.

  3. Zoey, you have an amazing amount of energy.....I don't know how you fit it all in. But, I'm glad you do-I love seeing the transformations. Those pots will be so gorgeous when they fill out.
    Sure is a warm one this weekend, isn't it? We hit 91. Hope you are staying cool.....

  4. Your deck looks beautiful. Nice job. Hope he got it done before this heat hit. We're to be in the 90's by mid week. Sounds like another year like last. About took me down when I was out watering a few minutes ago. I have to hand it to you Zoey, your containers always look beautiful. Love the crates for containers.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I can't say how much you inspire me. Sometimes to do more that I am able to take care of :)
    All I can say about you trying to coordinate your living room furniture with your deck flowers is..."Why I never!" I would never have thought of that. What a great idea. Can't wait to see all these things blooming.

  6. That is a nice deck. You are so lucky to have one. We have a flagstone patio out back. It would have been nice to put one from the back door over.
    Great looks whiskey barrels and crates. It is fun to do the combos of container gardens.
    I planted some of the Nasturtiums you sent in both the ground and in a window box-crossing fingers. I have a feeling I'll have to plant a few more of them in the next few weeks.

  7. I LOVE the pained crates...what a great way to re-use some old materials...and they are so cheerful! Can't wait to see how you plant them up.


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