Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Dumped the Big French Urns & made a 'Sea Savvy" Sled Coffee Table

You may remember that I over wintered the plants in these garage urns.  It has been at least three weeks since I have been putting the urns out and hauling them back inside each night.  A few plants have survived, but not all.  Today I dumped this one to see if there was any life to the Purple Fountain Grass.
Those crumpled plastic containers are filler that I put in the bottom so I don't have to use so much expensive potting soil.  It also helps the drainage.

Anyway, there was no visible life to the grass, so I tossed it out and replanted both urns with some pink-striped 'Fireworks' fountain grass.
I also added Persian Shield, creeping Jenny (instead of sweet potato vine) and some dahlias.   Both urns have Tropicanas in the back, but you can't really see them in these pictures.

These should fill out quickly. They look sparsely planted now, but they are actually filled to the brim and should be HUGE in about a month.

In addition to working on a few containers today, I also did what DH calls "ta ta" work and turned my living room sled coffee table into a "Sea Savvy" table for the summer.    I shopped the basement for shells and even used some of my son's old fishing tackle.
 Here is a close-up. 
Those sea captain heads may be a bit spooky to some of you.  :)  I have had them for over 20 years. I actually was pleasantly surprised to find them as I thought I had given them away.

All in all we had a very busy day. DH stained the deck floor and we made a shopping trip to Wally's World, Home Depot and Ace Hdw.  I was looking for some kale, but could not find a single plant.  Bummer! The kale makes such a great autumn pizazz plant!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy, productive day, Zoey. Your planters look great and ought to put on quite a display when they take off.

    I worked outside about 2/3 of the day and then was too pooped to pop. I have my last container planted and am waiting to do the "fairy garden" when the kids are here. xo Diana

  2. What a great day to be outside!
    I forgot to tell you how jealous I am of your new furniture. I have had the same navy, and green and burgundy plaid couch for 19 years. It' still in great shape, but I'm dang tired of it! Plus the 19 year old burgundy carpet!!
    As for your rain lilies, they will be slow to come up, and probably won't be too full yet this year. But they LOVE water.

  3. I thought your urns had everything live from last year so was surprised that you redid them. They are going to be gorgeous though. Zoey that coffee table is just too cool looking.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Hi Zoey, I'm playing catch up again; I love the new furniture and the coffee table! I wish I had just a smidgen of your decorating talent. Your urns will be gorgeous, that's a great idea to substitute the golden moneywort for the sweet potato vine. Those potato vines end up taking over the entire urn after awhile, as I well know.

    I haven't planted my hyacinth beans yet. I'm running out of time, less than 14 days until the garden walk and we haven't got one single solitary thing completely finished. It's just ridiculous.

    I read your earlier post about the tulips; isn't it a shame they are really only good for a year? I gave up planting them, too, except for the tiny species tulips. But they aren't as beautiful as the ones you have.

    Those chocolate chip cupcakes look divine, oh, why do I have to be on a diet? LOL

    So good to visit with you, Zoey!

  5. Your containers are always so vibrant and lush. I'll be watching as they fill out. Cool table.


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