Friday, May 18, 2012

I Shopped the House for Accessories

After I got all my housework done this morning, I started to think of how to accessorize my entertainment center in the family room so it would look better when the new furniture arrives.

At first I had no idea where to begin.  Then I did as I usually do and started walking through the main rooms to see what I could find that was green. I found green boxes, drinking glasses, faux cabbage, and books.  I brought it all in to the family and within a pretty short time, I had this done.
 I also needed burgundy as I am keeping two chairs in that color.  You can see a little piece of the chair in the right corner of the next picture.  In the left corner you can see a tiny piece of a cushion from the new sofa. 
 Now I just need the rest of the furniture to get here. Here is a pic of the area all lit up.  I think it's too busy.  Lately I like just one big piece on each of the shelves.  I will have to tweak a bit over the weekend.
Now I need to find a way to convince DH that this would look great on the walls:
Well, not exactly that....I just want that color. . . muted Dijon mustard.  The fabric for the pillows I ordered has some mustard in it.  I am thinking the sagey green, burgundy and mustard would make a very cozy space.

Updated 4pm:  I just found this pic on my desktop. It is very similar to the sofa I ordered. What grabbed my attention today was the wall color.  Mustard!  This is pretty close to what I was thinking.

Oh, I did not show you the ottoman I ordered. They did not have it in the store, but I found it online and called the store  and they ordered it.  I am ordering everything I want. It's been 19 years since I purchased new furniture, so I feel no guilt...not even a smidge...if these pieces last as long as the previous, they will probably outlive me.

Besides the sofa does not recline, so I think the ottoman will be useful.

Update: It's 3:00 pm and the furniture is now in place.  It seems huge...way larger than it seemed in the store.  Why does  that always happen?  LOL. It all fits fine and I like it. DH should be home any minute and I am hoping he likes it, too.

Even though everything is not done, I will give you a sneak peek. 
I am so happy to have furniture with no bold pattern! 

Years ago when I had DH hang the Thomas Kincaid artwork on each side of the entertainment center, I liked having two on one side and one of the other.  Now it really bugs me. I want both sides equal.  The fourth picture is sitting on the floor below the single pic.  I have been asking DH to rehang that side for at least two years.  He HATES to put holes in walls, so he just ignores me.  I am hoping that he will do it this weekend after I whine for at least a day.  If not, I will get the hammer, measuring tape, ladder, and do it myself.  Earlier today I removed a heating vent from the bathroom, sanded it and painted it a dark grey color. It was a brassy color, but it was beginning to rust. I wonder if  he will notice that when he gets home?  I already screwed it back in place.

 Update: DH just got home. He noticed the bathroom vent right away and he thought I went out and bought a new one. He also likes the furniture, though he ran right outside when I told him they came through the front door with the biggest piece. He wanted to make sure they did not bang up his porch.  I just shake my head...I guess it's true that opposites attract. :)


  1. Looks great Zoey. I wondered if you would have enough room for the lounger but you sure do and it fits the room. You brought the whole thing together but I am like you and would want the 2 photos on the other side or one that is about the same length of the other two and any spacing. Nice job!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. The new furniture looks great Zoey. Fun to get new after so many years. I like the entertainment center too. I don't think it looks too crowded.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Oh, Zoey...I love it. It's so restful looking. I can just see you on that lounger. You have such a talent for putting things together. Beautiful!

  4. Zoey, I love your new furniture! My husband has the same problem with not wanting to put nails in walls:)I agree with you, I would put up that other picture too or have hubby do it:)

  5. Nice choice for the accessories! The furniture sure looks comfy. I know you both will enjoy it. I have a buttery color paint in our family room with one gold accent wall-though we were suppose to do two wall. I like it!
    We'll be getting a new sink, vanity and toilet for our very outdated bathroom. I did get the white one with the bowl sink-looks easy to clean also.
    Enjoy your 'new' room!

  6. I do think you need the paint change now too. Can't wait to see what you chose!

  7. Hi Zoey. Girl I love how you accessorized your entertainment center. Looks so lovely all lite up. I really like the new furniture too!! I knew you would come up with something great. Have a wonderful weekend.


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