Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seeds 2011,Turkeys & Cupcakes

You all know that I can't grow anything from a seed...I've been telling you about my seed disasters for the past 7 years.

Ever the garden optimist, I buy seeds again this year.

Just look at these beauties!
I am most excited about these two:
I have never even heard of Poppy hens and chicks....but they are a true art form....how great will these things look in indoor arrangements? I get all tingly just thinking about it!  Bells of Ireland, I have grown once before.  They are just cool because they are green and so unique in an indoor arrangement.

I googled Poppy hens and chicks and found that they actually do get a flower! I was wondering, since the seed packet shows only the seed heads. I got this info here.
I am sooooooo excited about these. I hope I can get some to grow.  Are they just California poppies? That is what they look like to me.

Other than my normal  8.5 hours at work , I have been spending my snowy days inside sewing.  Cupcakes and turkeys--that's what I've been making........

I puttered around until I figured out how to make a turkey out of a Dresden Plate quilt block.
I made two of these guys (slightly different) and I am intending to make a table drape for Thanksgiving with them.

I went to Joanne's on Sunday and brought home some cupcake fabric. I am currently working on something using these little cupcake squares:

I will show you the finished results, should I ever really finish them!


  1. I had zero luck with seeds as well until I sowed them directly into containers on my deck. No soil or deer issues any longer and I could move them around at will when I was bored. Good luck, especially like the Bells of Ireland.

  2. Chuckling here..oh Zoey I seem to have the same problem with flower seeds. Vegetable seeds I can grow just fine.
    I have had success with morning glories and nasturtiums though. It sure does take patience and when the weeds show up quicker than the flower plants I usually am ready to give up:)
    Cupcake squares..hmm, what will you be doing with that??

  3. hope you have good luck with the seeds I want to see those flowers...love your squares...

  4. Zoey, I have never head of those hens and chicks poppies. They sound very interesting. I have such a small garden, I have to be careful how many seeds I buy.

    I have a turkey in the freezer, you reminded me I had better cook it soon.


  5. Hi Zoey. I never have heard of Poppy Hens & Chicks either. Those seed heads will look wonderful from them. Looks like a fun plant to try out.Looks like you found some lovely seeds to try. I of course love the blue Morning Glory.

  6. Wow-awesome flowers! I think the Poppy hens and chicks are alien looking.
    I saw seeds at Big Lots-green zinnia and some sunflowers. These usually are both easy to grow. The nasturtiums are super easy. I want until the middle of the summer and push them where I have bear spots. I usually buy about 3-4 packs. When I get to Longwood Gardens, I'll buy some white ones, etc. If you'd like a few different colors, let me know.
    Your turkey is awesome!

  7. I haven't had much luck with seeds either...out of 20 seeds maybe one will grow! lol Hopefully you'll have luck with the ones you just bought. I've never heard of the Poppy Hen & Chicks, how fascinating they are! Never heard of Bells of Ireland either. With a snowstorm blowing outside, it's hard for me to get in the gardening mood! lol

    Your turkey quilt block is so adorable, leave it to you to figure out how to make it:-) Can't wait to see what you do with the cupcake material!!

    My stomach is growling so I'd better go find something to eat...wish I lived near you, I'm sure you have something delicious cooking! lol xoxo

  8. I babied my geraniums grown from seed for weeks..put them out in containers near the woods and the first night the deer ate them. Every year I get that urge to plant some seeds...and I do.Good luck with your choices...Balisha

  9. I think maybe the flowers from Saturday's wedding might have had Bells of Ireland in them. I have a picture on the blog of the flowers.
    I have Hen and Chicks but mine are in the cactus family, they look nothing like what you are showing.
    Isn't it amazing how pretty those flowers always lok in the catalogs and on the packs. Mine never do.
    which I had your snow, all we have now is brown grass and gloom. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.

  10. Zoey, You know I have the same luck with seeds that you do. I hope yours grow because I'd love to see them, especially the poppy. I agree with you about the junk you posted. I have lots of junk that I like to use in the garden and love your sled. They must be getting desperate! I'm waiting for spring along with you! Jean


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