Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hodgepodge Week

I have not been doing many post worthy activities this week, so I will just touch upon a few miscellaneous endeavors.

I half baked some red velvet cookies.

I guess these are actually fully baked, just not completed. They are supposed to be sandwich cookies. Since I made them around the same time I made the cupcakes, I decided to freeze them at this stage. At some point I still intend to make the marshmallow/cream cheese frosting that goes between two cookies.  You will probably see these again in a week or two.

Recently I won a contest on Heather's blog, Books and Quilts.  It was a publisher's give-a-way for two books from the Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo. 
I am excited to find an author who centers her novels around the lives of women with a passion to create and
am expecting some light entertainment—along the same lines of the culinary mystery novels I love to read. I understand it's a very contemporary story with a heroine who blogs, sells on  Etsy, etc.  It should be a good read. Thanks again, Heather!

I've spent a few hours of fun and frustration creating these wonky house blocks.

It took four tries before I finally decided on these bright colors.

Oh, Boy, judging by this sight, it's not looking like a good year for my lilies and hostas.
I need to get some deer repellent spray soon. This is what I use to repel the big brutal beasts:

It has worked very good for me. But-- and it's a big but-- you MUST spray it on every few days.  I have learned to love the task. I keep it in a big sprayer and lug it around every couple of days when my hostas and lilies are bursting from the ground.  If it rains, I do it as immediately as I can once the rain stops.  It lasts quite a long time because you mix it with water. If the malicious creatures hang around all summer, then I have to continue to spray the hostas all season. I don't bother with the daylilies because I have a lot of them and it would take forever. So if the deer desire daylilies for dinner, they can have them.


  1. those damn deer - it's time for them to move on!!! Your cookies made me salivate!

  2. I am such a cookie lover..oh Zoey how can you wait to put these cookies together with the frosting:)
    Lovin' those wonky house blocks.

  3. Maybee I should look for this. I have been using Plantskydd but it is very expensive.


  4. Are those whoopie pies you are making?? Yum! I think I have given in to our deer. I don't grow hosta, but mine will eat the evergreens down to a nub. You'd think they'd be too sharp!!??

  5. love the squares...hope your week is going well

  6. I hear you about the deer. I think they killed a few of my bushes this year. I did see some green sprouts of the lilies-crossing fingers.
    Very cute quilt squares.
    Hope all is well.

  7. Oh...and Kathy is a 'pal' on Facebook. I think you'd like Facebook because of the stores, etc. Just today I printed off a $5 off coupon for AC which I promptly used. You'd find other quilters and gardeners too.

  8. Lots of good stuff but ... Red velvet cookies ... oh, yum!

  9. Zoey, you sure do have a lot of energy, all the baking and sewing and spraying and gardening, gosh, I get tired just thinking about it all. The deer are really persistent...we've been lucky, but I know it's only a matter of time that I will wake up one day and nothing will be standing but the rocks in the garden. I'll keep the repellent in mind.


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