Saturday, March 19, 2011

Garden Projects to Remember in 2011

How do you all remember those wonderful ideas you had in the previous year for your garden?

I almost never remember anything that I thought of last year. I have been trying to add text to my pictures to remind me of the changes I want to make. I save these pics in a file called "Remember Next Year".  If I remember to look at them, then I have a chance of actually making the changes.  But most often I don't look at them until it's too late to do anything.

This afternoon I was checking out Microsoft Office Picture Manager (since getting a new computer last June, I still have not found a good way to keep track of my pictures--I really hate when they change everything. I used to use Dell Photo Somthing or Another, but it's no longer available). Anyway I came across these pictures:

On this pic, I have had to remind myself not to do anything because I can't stand to see bare soil in my gardens (drives me nuts!).

I had already forgotten all four of these.  Now I know what I will do with the blue morning glories seeds I recently purchased!

How do you all remember what you thought of the previous year?


  1. That Heliopsis is gorgeous. I don't think mine is coming back but it does come back in Wisconsin. I wintered it over in my raised veggie bed but I don't see any sign of life yet.


  2. Wow, this is a great idea! I have been using the task list on Folia ( I haven't used it very much yet, though, but I am definitely going to use it to make notes for myself like you did here!

  3. I use for managing my photos, and google calendar to remember stuff.

    When you create an event you can set a reminder for it. I have my last typical frost date set to email me a few days before it happens, as well as other important garden dates (and all my extended family birthdays!).

    It can also send you text messages if that's more your style

  4. Eileen, I would not give up hope yet. :)

    Anne, thanks. I am glad the post was useful to you!

    Michael, I use Picasa, too. My problem is I use 3 or 4 different programs and am master of none!

  5. good idea....I need to find a better way to keep up with my photos too...

  6. It looks like you remembered! Will you be doing the pots @ work, again? How did the foliage pots work out? Were you pleased? I often recommend that kind of thing to customers who plant outside their businesses that are closed all weekend, with no watering opportunities aside from rain...

  7. Pretty neat idea adding notes to your photos! Is that area where you want to add white impatiens shady? They may grow sun tolerant ones too.
    I have photo sets on Flickr at I will go through each year and see what worked and what didn't. What I want to do now is cut down some trees that were damaged this year and plant a gazillion azaleas and bushes that the deer may not eat in their place. Need a some $$ or people who want free firewood.

  8. What a great idea!!! I will have to try this myself!!! Thank You!


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