Friday, March 4, 2011

I Need to Have More Candlelit Dinners


So I can use up some of the candles I have accumulated.

I was walking to the checkout at Joanne's Fabric store today and did a double take when I saw a set of 8 colored votives marked down to .99 a pack (regular $5/pk).
I took one of each color and when I got home I had to find a place to put them.

I have some votive/chunky candle cupboards in my kitchen. I keep tapers in a different area (make that area"s"--yes, I have multiple spots for tapers.  But here is the votive/fat candle cupboard:

As you see, I did find a spot to tuck them in, but the cupboards are now filled to capacity.

I actually have more than candles in these cupboards.  The top shelf is mostly treat bags and cute paper napkins that I buy after the holiday when they are marked way down.  I don't even know what is in this stack.
These St. Patrick's day bags were on the top so  I probably bought them last year.  I should make some shamrock sugar cookies and give them out in these bags. 

Joanne's also had these funky buttons marked down to 25 cents each.  I am sure they will be perfect for something that I have yet to imagine. :)
I got half off the $7 price of the purple textured fabric bundle....could not resist... as I bought the same bundle in green two weeks ago and I am using it right now to make a tropical love bird block.  It's great to have 4 or 5 fabrics that are just a shade different.  My first thought with this pack was a purple rose.  We shall see...

Of course I also bought more fabric.......9 different polka dot fabrics...that is what I went there to get. The other stuff was purchased on impulse.
So here it is Friday afternoon and I have new fabric and two days to do whatever I want. 

Life is good!


  1. I had better stay away from the fabric stores. Lately, I have tended to leave them in the bag way too long. Just remembered, I ordered some fabric and trim last week to reupholster a vanity bench. I better pump mystlf to complete this project.


  2. wow look at your finds...the buttons are adorable...

  3. hahaha...that collection of candles looks very familiar...I too have a tendency to buy candles on sale...I have a whole cupboard of them and luckily, burn many during the winter.

  4. I love the purple fabrics.
    I love the buttons.
    I love the polka dot fabrics.
    Have a gareat weekend sewing!
    I am going to my Bff's daughters wedding today. Practice run for ours next week!


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