Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is Why I Insist that Santa NOT Bring me Anything

I know much better what I like than he does and I  am very good at finding my own gifts. I don't feel the least bit guilty ordering them at whim when I find them less than 50% off with no shipping charge.

 That is how I recently picked up this 20-inch  textured metal necklace on a leather cord.
I love this necklace. I wore it on Monday and again today. It goes perfectly with at least three jackets in my closet.

I have just recenlty started wearing watches. I love cuff watches because they feel more like bracelets to me. Last night this bezel-faced leather cuff watch caught my eye. I think it will be great for casual weekend wear.  I love big numbers because it is so easy to read the time.

 I also wear a lot of gold jewelry, so I was not surprised when this scalloped-edged golden wave cuff bracelet caught my eye.
I just hope it does not turn out to be a garrish gold tone.

Most mornings when I get ready for work I have about 20 minutes extra before I have to leave.  Last week I used the time to make the tulip blocks. This morning I cut out the top of my apron and inserted the tulips.

Then I tossed some fabrics on top that I thought would work for the rest of the apron.
I am liking it! I hope to be able to work on it Sunday.

Tonight I am dining alone so I made one of my favorite dinners............

microwave popcorn with cheese--YUM!


  1. Great jewelry choices Zoey. Usually, I pick it and he pays for it. Lol

  2. that is what I had for dinner last night...

  3. Love the jewelry and always so nice to get just what you want! Love your supper, too, delicious!

  4. How funny, I also often have popcorn as my dinner when I'm alone:-)

    I love the jewelry you've ordered for yourself, all the pieces are gorgeous. I started wearing cuff watches a couple of years ago, like them much better than the regular watches. The last one I had bought myself was quite cheap, though, and is starting to fall apart so I need to go shopping for a new one.

    Your apron is going to be so beautiful, love the tulips and colours!! xoxo

  5. I do that all the time-because you know what you like and what you have to wear with it.
    I will miss dressing up for the job. I think I only duplicated an outfit once in 20 odd days. Pier One always has neat jewelry too. I do like what you chose. I'm not a big fan of watches myself.
    I could never go on just popcorn unless I had a big lunch or late afternoon snack. ; )
    Cute tulip designs!

  6. Love the watch, even though I never wear one. My cellphone is my watch.
    Speaking of popcorn, today I was watching some cooking show on the Food network, they used popcorn as a garnish on soups. She said especially tomato soup. Doesn't sound good to me, but they seemed to like it.

  7. Very nice Zoey. You are opposite of me. I like a tight watch because it doesn't move up and down on my arm. Love bracelets but don't tend to wear them because they are not stationary. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Zoey, that apron is shaping up beautifully! Good on ya for the jewellery deals.
    I'm smiling at your choice of dinner:)

  9. I came by to relive your Christmas moments and, as always, I was not disappointed. You have such a genial way of bringing your life to those of us who enjoy your journal. I like plated dinners but always have trouble with the last minute moments. Do you have the florentine chicken recipe on your blog? I'm putting my Christmas notebook away and need notes for next year. I love Christmas and all it means - even the weary moments. Tonight will be the last night the candles are glowing warmly in the windows and I'm going out to the street to say good bye.

  10. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Please check this post from Jan. 15, 2011for the recipe.

  11. Thank you for the recipe. I thought I had read your older post. I really enjoy your new color scheme in the LR.


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