Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look What I Found Under the Tree When I got Home from Work

My Surefit slipcovers have arrived! I love Internet ordering--less than a week during a holiday and they are sitting in my family room.

I was almost afraid to open these as I spent a tad over $200 and if they don't fit I can't return them.  Even though I got a great deal for all the items I ordered, $200 is more than I want to throw away if they turn out to be pure junk.

Finally I grabbed the scissors and ripped into the box. 

My first impression was that the color was a bit more burgundy than I expected. I was hoping for a more red hue, but I can work with the color.  I have burgundy chairs in the family room, so that color will actually work better for an overall flow from room to room.  I just hope they fit!

I was not really in the mood to play around with them, so I decided to just try the loveseat and leave the biggger sofa for later.  Hmmmmm.... I am energized by the fact that the loveseat fits quite nicely. I now want to see if the sofa cover fits as well.  Yeah! I am so happy that they both fit!

I bought these thingies that you stick down inside the arms and sofa cushions to hold the slipcover in place. I think they were around $50 for both sets.  I watched a video on the Surefit site that claimed they were the secret to keeping the covers fitting snugly.  I think that is true and I am happy I ordered them.

My covers are very snug and I am very pleased with the purchase. Here is a pic of both the sofa and the loveseat with the pillows I also purchased:

 Please forgive the poor quality--the late afternoon lighting was not enough to get a good pic, but I think you can see enough to know the fit is very good.

Do you see my blooming Paperwhites?  Since only two of the bulbs have bloomed the scent is not unpleasant at all.  I am hoping the other bulbs will still shoot up and bloom.

Back to the slipcovers..........you may remember that I also ordered six dining room chairs.  After spending about one hour on these sofas, I was not in the mood to play with the dining room chairs.  I opened one package to test and it appears that they will work out, BUT they are very wrinkled and a tad short.  It will take much more effort to get them to look decent.  I will have to iron them and I may have to add a ruffle on the bottom.  Once I get them done, I will certainly show you what they look like.   I think they ended up costing me less than $10 each, so I am overall happy with everything I received.  I just LOVE when I order something blindly and I am happy with what I receive!


  1. So glad it worked out for you Zoey.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Zoey! Christmas has finally been put away and I now have more time to concentrate on my blogging. I'm looking forward to some quiet days ahead:-)

    I just read your previous post and it sounds like you had a great time on New Year's Eve:-) I love 50's music so that would have been right up my alley!!

    How wonderful that the slip covers your ordered fit so well. I just love the colour!! As you know, I also have green walls in my living room and all of my accents like the drapes, rugs and cushions are burgundy so they really are two colours that work well together. Don't you love the feeling of having a "new" sofa and chair? hehe Looks beautiful!

    Looking forward to another year of your delightful friendship. xoxo

  3. Maybe you could just cut the chair legs off!!! LOL

    Those covers look fantastic!!!

    how's your weather? CBS evening news looks like your area is freezing!

  4. that is awesome Zoey...know you are relieved they fit...

  5. That looks like it worked out very well, Zoey. I am happy for you.

  6. I think they look like new pieces! I do like the color with the green. Surefit is a pretty good company. Hope you like the dining chairs as well.

  7. Zoey, what a pleasure to find the slipcovers fit! Good for you. What a transformation and at a reasonable cost, too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your slipcovers on the kitchen chairs, too.

    Love the paperwhites.


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