Monday, January 2, 2012

On to the New Year

We had a great time on our New Year's Eve weekend dinner/dance party.  The dinner was steak and a skewer of  scallops and bacon, with a baked potato bar.  It was good.  Dessert was a raspberry ice cream ball encased in hard white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate. Once you cracked the white chocolate shell the ice cream oozed out......Ci są pyszne, vi sono deliziosi, vous sont délicieux, que son deliciosas.... no matter what language you use, it was delicious!

We really loved the band. As you might guess by their picture, they played 50's & 60's R&R.   DH wore that black hat at the top.

The hat added another 4 inches to his already tall (6.3” ) fame .  I must say  he looked  quite dapper twisting to the song made famous by Chubby Checker.  He was doing the twist with a widowed friend so I was sitting at the table watching. I had no idea the man could contort his upper body like that! 
We left very early Sunday morning so we could beat the big blizzard predicted to hit the U.P. about noon.  The roads were snow covered, but not too slippery as the temp was slightly above freezing. We made it home by 11:00 a.m. and after unpacking, I spent the rest of New Year's Day cooking, relaxing, and watching a movie.

I had to work today. I just got home and it is really snowing here. Someone at work told me we are supposed to get over 8 inches and I think we have.  This is our first official snowstorm. I plan to stay inside the rest of the day and work on whatever it is I end up making with these little 4-inch tulip blocks:
I felt like making some paper-pieced blocks last week.  Now that they are finished, I have been thinking of what to make.........I am leaning toward incorporating them in some kind of apron.

I still have my Christmas trees up. I decided to leave them until Jan. 7. Yes, me, who almost always starts removing on Dec. 26.   This year I am in no hurry to take it all down.

I hope you are all having a wonderful new year!


  1. Looks like you two had a lot of fun at the New Year's Eve party. You got a lot of snow, we got just a little but the roads are really frozen and there were numerous wrecks.

    Your quilt blocks are very pretty and they would look really good on an apron if you wear one.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I still have my own Christmas stuff up, too. I am waiting a few more days before taking it down. We had just a trace of snow but not much more than that. The UP is always ahead of us on snow accumulation.

    Happy New Year to you-xo Diana

  3. Oh I wish I had your snow. We've only had one dusting.
    I like your paper piecing. They would look cute in an apron.
    The paper piece I gave a tease on isn't a silver Original, it's from an old magazine, it had several names, including Foundation piecer. It's an animal wall hanging.

  4. Zoey, we just have a dusting of snow, wish we had a little more for the plants. I would have loved your New Year's Eve!


  5. what a fun new years those quilt squares....stay warm and safe..

  6. Great blocks Zoey. Looking forward to seeing what you create. I know it will be great!

  7. Sounds like a fun party, Zoey!
    I like the idea of an apron..please show us when you are finished with that project. I wear aprons often, I say I get into the mood of cooking that way:)
    Wow that is a lot of snow, we still have very little here and the weather forecast is for some pretty mild days this week. It has been a strange winter so far.

  8. Looks like a great New Year's Eve for you and the hubs. What, you don't dance? ; )
    Hope you didn't get snowed in too badly. We had that Halloween storm 'last' year and nothing yet.
    I did a post on our different trips from 2011. Just looking through the photos for them was fun.
    I may be going to my last day at work tonight. I'm on call tomorrow, but was only scheduled 2 days this week, my 7th week. I really don't want to work under 10 hours. I may be looking for another job sooner or later.
    I'm glad you left the tree up. I figure that will be the most involved decoration to take down. I'll leave the little alpine trees in the bay window at I deliberately made it a winter scene to keep up. I got pink and red balls in a pack at Kmart to do a Valentine's 'branch' (from CVS that lights up)soon.

  9. Cher,
    I don't usually wear aprons. I am thinking of giving them as gifts.

    I did. I am in lower MI, not the UP and this was our first snow.

    I can't wait to see what is is!

    I am happy to be getting some cover for my perennials. I hope you get some soon.

    Deb and Sissy,
    Happy New Year to you , too!

    Fiesta and Betty,
    I hope to be able to show the apron soon.

    I dance. I just sat that one out so my friend could dance with DH. I think she had fun; at least I hope so!


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