Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sled that Held the Christmas Tree is now a Coffee Table

I worked from 6:00 a.m. until precisely 2:03 p.m. -- 8 solid hours of packing boxes and hauling items down to the basement, rearranging the basement storage shelves and then hauling furniture items back upstairs.  I thought it would take about 4 hours at the most---boy was I wrong! It's a good thing I scaled back this year.

Forgive me if I sound like I am whining. I am not. I enjoyed the decorations this year and it was worth every sore muscle I am sure to have tomorrow.

While I was taking down the tree in the sled, I had a light bulb moment--why not use the sled for a coffee table?  Now that I have the green/garnet color scheme, the rusty old green sled might just work with the glass top from the current coffee table (that I moved into the family room for the holidays).  I was excited by this idea, so before 7am, I had already made this coffee table:
The inside is filled with all the pinecones I used for Christmas decorating.  Later (in spring) I will change the pinecones to seashells....unless I get tired of it by then and change back. 

I am really loving having a new color scheme to play with.  After all the Christmas items were gone, I changed out the corner hutch items--put the green boxes inside and on top then removed a number of book jackets from some hardcovers to make a color-coordinated stacked book vignette.

 It was fun doing the hutch.  While rearranging the basement shelves, I found a box of eagle sculptures that my son briefly collected.  I decided to use them in the living room. It's nice to have different accessories to look at.

Yesterday we switched out valances and put up a green one that I made a few years ago.  I am not quite done with the living room redecorating. I could use a few more rusty metal items. But here is where I am at the moment:

It is such a pleasure to look at something other than pink floral -- don't get me wrong--I loved the pink floral, but I have looked at it for 18 years.  I was overdue for a change!

I have another large cabinet at the opposite end of this room:

I brought up my cardinal table runner which works nicely with the new color scheme:

Yesterday I changed out the chalkboard in the family room. It used to say 'the night before Christmas and that just wouldn't do for a Jan. 7 dinner party, so I did a quick change to this:
Today I took it all done.  The greenery needles were falling all over the carpet, so it was time. Right now the wall is blank as I was too tired to think about what to put up next.  I think it will be "Love is in the air" as I am planning to have a Valentine dinner for six and I may as well get started with setting the theme.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Now I have to go shower and get ready to go to my BIL's for his birthday dinner tonight. It is nice not to have to cook. I sure hope I was not supposed to bring anything.  Normally it's a potluck affair when we go there, but DH said this time it's not.  I had too much to do today to call and check for sure.  I will be pretty embarrassed if everyone but me brings a dish!


  1. Funny how we can't wait to get the Christmas stuff put UP, and then we can't wait to get it taken DOWN> I've spent the past 2 days disassembling it all. Oddly enough, with this crazy weather this winter, it feels "wrong" having ANYTHING winter themed around.
    Have a great week, Zoey! Hope you aren't TOO sore from all your work!

  2. That Christmas stuff is a love hate relationship. I gave a lot away after Christmas as a donation to a nurses service organization, things I hadn't used in years.

    I also need to go through my garden pots, they are taking over the garage!


  3. that is such a neat idea Zoey...

  4. Sounds like you had a busy day, Zoey~ Me too! I de-Christmased today and will pay for it tomorrow~ At least my hubby helped carry boxes down this year.

    I like your sled as a coffee table. Great idea. Your living room is looking great! xo Diana

  5. Your decorating style is always so unique and beautiful

  6. Love, love, love the sled as a coffee table!!!!!! Soooo clever--and adorable. Makes me regret NOT buying an old Radio Flyer I spotted at Salvation Army a few weeks ago...

  7. Your living room is looking quite lovely and fresh as a daisy. I am liking your accents very much.
    Funny, I just ordered some lacy curtains that were pricey for my bedroom. I looked at the paisley ones for at least 12 yrs. It just brightened up the entire room. I have our armoires a washed down pale pink and may do them in a more fashionable green.
    The sleigh makes a great coffee table! Cute.
    I have many hours of packing up the tree and living room holiday decor. Plus it looks like a Christmas bomb went off in the basement. Ugh.

  8. Hi Zoey, Your living room is looking good. I love the sled coffee table.
    Thanks for stopping by today.
    Have a great week.

  9. Looks really good...I have a similar color scheme here and love pine trees and pine cones in the house.

  10. Oh Zoey you do get things accomplished..I want some of that, whatever it is you are on! Lol..just kidding of course.
    I love the coffee table idea, it all comes together so well in your living room.
    Ease up on those muscles tonight, okay? Good things you have supper out, no cooking happening for you. Take along a jar of something..just in case you were expected to bring something:)

  11. Ooooh, I just love the sled as a coffee table, it looks so perfect there!! You always amaze me with your brilliant ideas:-) Yes, isn't it fun to be able to change things around like that and have a new colour scheme to work with?

    I know what you mean about it taking so long to put Christmas away. What usually took me a few hours now takes me a couple of days! lol Yesterday I spent the whole day in my computer/faerie room going through everything in there and doing a major decluttering once I can hardly move! OY!

    20F here right now and snow is in the forecast for this afternoon. I need to go buy some groceries so I'd better go do that now before the snow does start, I hate driving in the snow. xoxo


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