Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glass Photo Coasters

I bought 2 sets of these coasters over a year ago.  I stuck them on a shelf and forgot about them. I found them last Sunday while looking for something else.
They are different colors and made of glass. There is a spot on the backside to insert your own pictures.  So I spent a little time resizing & printing pictures I had on my computer.
I filled them with tables I have done in the past. I am hoping it will inspire me to do more tables this year.  I can change the pics whenever I get bored as I already printed out quilts, garden pics, food and Christmas trees.

They are quite heavy and flat so the glass rests nicely on them.

I still need to fill the second set of 4 coasters, but at the moment I can't find them.

Maybe they are under this mess in my sewing room. It's the pattern I am going to use to make an apron.
This mess is why I rarely sew with patterns. What a headache cutting them apart, etc. It's 2012 pattern companies--how about selling patterns that are already cut?


  1. I hate cutting patterns apart,too! What a pain! I have never seen coasters like that- what a cute idea! xo Diana

  2. I hate cutting patterns too. When I want to start on something I do not want to take the time to cut the pieces out first.LOL!
    I have never saw coasters like those Zoey. What fun and you can change them whenever the notion hits you.
    They turned out beautiful.I also like your new covers. They look so pretty with the pillows and your wall color.

  3. that is nice to find something you forgot about....patterns are a pain....

  4. Zoey, those are neat little coasters, I can see you having change ups ready:) I have discovered some 'finds' too as I keep decluttering.
    Cutting out patterns..maybe that is why I don't sew:)

  5. I haven't used a pattern in years either forgot what a mess they are especially when they get all crumpled up.


  6. What a coincidence...those glass photo coasters are the same as the ones I bought as gifts for the Dirty Santa game we played on New Year's Eve:-) I got them for 75% off so it was a good deal!! I think it's my brother in law Barney's girlfriend Lorraine who won them. I'm sure she'll be putting pictures of her two grandkids in them:-) Love the pictures you chose to put in yours.

    It's 24F here this morning, much better than the -4F of the other morning!! Still only have a little snow, not even enough for the snowmobiles so a lot of people are not happy!

    Is it too early to start wishing for Spring???? lol xoxo

  7. Diana,
    I thought they were pretty interesting, too.

    I can't wait to change out the valance, etc. to see how the room looks once it's all coordinated.

    It's like getting a present everything I come across something I forgot I bought. :)

    I can see why patterns would discourage you!

    I hear you on that one!

    Who would have ever thought we would be buying the same item!! I bought mine last year after Christmas. I think mine were 50% off, so you got the best deal! LOL.

    It's pretty warm here today. All the snow we got is melting. I hope we have an early spring...go ahead and start wishing! :)


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