Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Had No Idea that I would be so Busy on Sunday

I woke up  before 5:00 a.m. and read a few blogs.  Then I started a new sewing project--turning a small portion of  the big heavy jean quilt I made a few years ago (actually seven years ago--time flies) into a table runner and a pot holder.

My long-term readers may remember that I spent months hand quilting a denim quilt and then it was way too heavy to sleep under. I finally decided to cut it up last year

and make something useful from it.  I frayed the edges of the runner and pot holder and I am fairly happy with how they turned out.  Of course, this is just a tiny portion of the king-sized quilt.  There will be many more projects to make from this quilt.

The only day I cook breakfast is on Sunday.  Right after doing so today, I started putzing about in the dining room. I wanted to get all of my dishes, etc. out for the dinner I will have in two weeks.

Here is the color scheme I plan to use:
I may change the glasses to red. I will show you the full table when I have the party.

After determining the table colors, I have no idea what happened. 

Somehow I ended up on a ladder removing my chickens and cookie jar collection from the top of my kitchen cabinets and

 washing them

(yes, I do use a toothbrush to get the dust from all the indented areas).

I did some rearranging of my advertising cookie jar collection and removed all of the faux greenery that I used to love.  I wanted a more streamlined look atop the cupboards.

I love this Mr.Peanut cookie jar, so I put him center stage above the stove fan:

Above the cupboards I had some fruit crates that were a dark green &  sponge-painted.  Yeah, like how outdated is that?   I asked DH to repaint them green and he did.  What a wonderful man! 

He did the painting  right on top of the family room carpet. Of course he put some paint blankets down before he started.  

Here is where one of the crates ended up:
It gives a nice pop of green in back of the chicken casserole.  The second one will go on top of the big section of  dish storage cabinets.

While he painted the crates, I painted the mat of a dark nautical oil painting I have in the family room.
Last year I painted it that gold color you see, but now I think it should be white as most of the other artwork mats in the family room are white.  Here it is done and rehung:

I like it. Thank goodness as there were about a dozen screws to remove from the inner frame before painting and it was not all that easy to get both frames and the mat back on.  Thanks DH for your help putting it back together!

So Saturday was rather relaxing and Sunday was a ton of unplanned work. I did not get all of the kitchen done, but after five hours, I decided to quit and do more after work this week.  It is a big job to get all of the kitchen grease and grime off the top of all the cabinets. Even though I had no plans to do so much work today,  I feel good about my weekend accomplishments. 

I hope you all feel good about your weekend, too.


  1. Zoey, looks like you got a lot done. I can't wait to see your table setting, love those cookie jars!


  2. Zoey- It is amazing how much work it is when we start what we think is going to be an easy project. There always is a lot more entailed than you think it will be.

    I am looking forward to your table setting! xo Diana

  3. Oh, my...It hurt my heart to see you cut the quilt up.I know quilts can be heavy, but that one is so pretty.It will make beautiful table runners. Maybe a smaller wall hanging...or a small quilt for your porch?

  4. it's funny how one little idea can turn into a big project...

  5. Oh girl, I wish I was as ambitious as you are. Looking forward to your table setting.
    Thanks for stopping by and your comments on the barn. I don't want a barn but I sure would like a little garden shed.
    Have a great week.

  6. Wow look how busy you were and everything looks fab! I also can't wait to see the tablescape.

  7. Zoey you definitely were busy and in such a good lovevwhat younhave done with the quilt. You can make some place mats and little mats for your sewing room shelves. I always admire your decorating style.

  8. I love the quilt... and all you did... looked busy! I have to admit tho as much as I love what you chose to do with the quilt (excellent upcycling)... a lump formed in my throat as I read/watched you cut it up hahahaha... im so pathetic and have an unnatural affection for denim quilts.


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