Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Working Weekend

I intended to have a working weekend at home and I certainly did!  I was totally pooped Saturday evening, but I went to bed early and felt much better this morning.

I spent most of Saturday cleaning my sewing/computer room. I  hauled 4 bins of fabric from my sewing room back down to the basement. Once I got to the basement I decided to throw out a lot of know how that goes...before long most of the day was gone.  I was  looking for the second set of curtains for the family room windows.  I searched a lot of boxes and bins and never found them. Now I wonder if I threw them into the donation box in the fall and they are gone.   The good news is I did find the second set of glass coasters in the sewing room.

I did do a number of projects that were more stimulating than cleaning and scrubbing floors.  One of them was to iron the new dining room chair covers I bought two weeks ago and get them on the chairs.

What a pain! I did two on Saturday and planned to do the other 4 today. So far I have 4 done. I opened the 5th and what a's a short little thing that probably fits a folding chair! Even though the picture on the front shows the same to-the-floor dining chair cover as the other 5 I ordered.

 It really does not matter that much because when I ordered the six chair covers, I forgot to take into account that two of my dining room chairs are arm chairs. So #5 and #6 would not fit anyway.  I will have to make my own in a different color. Since the arm chairs are the "special" chairs, I think it will be OK to have them in a different fabric.

I am not thrilled with these Surefit dining chair covers. They are too thin and the wrinkles are hard to get out. I am just happy that I got them for about a quarter of their original price. I would NEVER pay full price for them. I expect them to rip after a few uses.  Here is a pic of the color that I was happy to note  goes quite  nicely with the table runner I brought up from the basement yesterday:

I need to figure out what to do with the two end chairs soon as I have already invited my BIL's and their wives for a Valentine's dinner on Feb. 12.  I can't have 4 chairs covered  and the two end chairs not covered. I need to find a coordinating fabric soon!

Once I get everything done for that dinner, I will show you the full table, which will be in pink, purple and red.

The colors will go with this table that I am already working on:
  Yes, it's the burlap-covered Christmas "Sweet Treats" table revamped for Valentines Day. I moved the chalkboard in this room, but have not yet written anything on it. I spent $3 at Dollar Tree last weekend and bought the big hearts, the assorted scattered hearts on the table and some matching boxes to fill with a gift for each person at the dinner party to take home.

Speaking of burlap, I finally made a trim to cover  the seams of the burlap shades I made last month.  I was planning to buy a trim, but I could not find a thing that would work, so when I removed the burlap "ribbon" from the hydrangea living room Christmas tree, I re-purposed it to use on the lamps:

I am quite happy with how that strip covers the raw edges. 

Did you notice the colorful flowers on the coffee table?  My sweet husband came home from the grocery store Saturday with them. Thank goodness that man is so helpful with the household chores. I would never get so much done without him.  Back to the flowers....Since my paperwhites are duds, I decided to stick the flowers he bought in their container.
I love how it turned out!
Speaking of love, while rummaging through boxes in the basement, I found my "LOVE" candles.  I brought them out for Valentine's day.

 I have had a very busy weekend--full of  pure WORK and a few fun chores.  I did get out for about an hour today to go to Walmart. I bought 4 big clear plastic bins so I can go back down to the basement and get rid of some cardboard boxes full of stuff that I will put in the clear bins so I can find what I need. 

Don't you just love those clear plastic bins????


  1. I have been doing the same thing as you have the last couple of days. Not today because my ankle is giving me fits...but it is soooo nice to be able to sort through stuff. I love those clear plastic bins and I need a couple more to finish up what I am working on. Yeaaaa for us! xo Diana

  2. Sheesh. I wish my husband even KNEW where the grocery was!
    Your sewing skills are so awesome, I know you'll find something to figure out the chair ordeal.
    I am taking my darling to a college visit in MI, Feb. 1st!!

  3. Zoey, I was wondering how you get so much done. Now I see your DH does a lot of the household chores!
    I don't seem to get much done. I don't have the energy you do nor the DH to help out.
    Do you two want to come to my house and help out? :0)

  4. Your living room looks very pretty Zoey. The furniture covers look really nice in there.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I love your living room colors. It so makes me want to cover my couch!

  6. Wow, you've been busy! I am taking a few days off from the basement, but I too found some cute Valentine's Day things.
    Sorry you don't like the chair covers, but at least you have them as a pattern and can maybe redo them?
    My paperwhites are big, hope they open soon.
    Bri got me pink carnations yesterday. : )


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