Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Did Almost No Work This Past Weekend

because I was not home for most of the weekend. It felt good to get away and concentrate on fun instead of work!

We picked up my mom and dad at 8:00 a.m.Saturday morning to attend  a dinner/Motown music show, featuring these ladies:

They put on a great show featuring the Motown hits we all remembered. The dinner was quite good, too.   It was raining Sunday morning, so we met a friend for an early breakfast and  left by 9:00 a.m.  to beat the icy roads. We were home by noon Sunday.

It was raining here all day Sunday and Monday.  The schools were closed Monday due to hazardous road conditions.    When I was getting ready for work Monday morning, we had thunder and lightening. This is very unusual for late January.

This week I have not done much other than work, come home, reheat some of my frozen meals and go to bed. 

My missing curtains are still missing and the family room window remains bare.  The bare windows do offer a nice view after a snow storm.

I still have not made dining room chair covers, but I found this fabric that I bought last year.
It is a nice neutral color. I  may make two floor length covers this  weekend for the arm chairs.  I think I have enough fabric for that.

I received my Coldwater Creek jewelry order last week and was very disappointed to open the metal-fringed necklace to find it broken.
I have tried twice this week to fix it, using all of these tools. So far, no luck.  I dropped the first tiny round metal link on the bathroom floor and never found it.  So the next day I had to remove another link to try to hook it back together.  I only had about 10 minutes to try  before leaving for work.  I had to give up again and wear a different necklace.  I hope I can eventually get this fixed as I really like the necklace! 



  1. I'm glad you had a fun getaway and saw a good show! I think that material will look nice made into slipcovers and it is very neutral.

    I think if you contact CC they will make arrangements to exchange the necklace for you for no charge. xo Diana

  2. I've been a lilttle disappointed in Coldwater Creek and I told them so after Christmas. My husband shops there each year for Christmas and this year a blouse was missing the little cloth eye for the hook at the neck.It shows, so it has to look finished. I tried to make a new looks OK, but I think for what he should have been perfect. The gloves had a hole in one of the fingers, the knit poncho was full of loose pieces of yarn inside...I opened it and they fell out all over, and then one of the blouses was really made of flimsy material.He had a coupon for 1/2 off the 2nd item and he used it. I've had to send back a couple of things in the past year. I'm not a fussy person, but all these things make me think we might not shop there anymore.It makes me sad, because it was one of my favorite online stores....and I bought a lot of things there like you....always on sale.
    That necklace is beautiful...good luck with fixing it.

  3. Zoey, I would have loved this Motown Show! Can you send the necklace back? You should not have to fix it.


  4. I can't wait for a getaway, so glad you could go with the weather so iffy in January.
    I would contact CC too and tell them your jewelry was damaged upon arrival.
    The material will be a nice background for your tablescapes.

  5. Hi Zoey, playing catch-up here. Had such a good time going back through the posts I've missed. Looks like the show was awesome, I love Tina Turner. I've never made chair covers but someday I will try. Every time I take my curtains down and see the pretty scenery outside, it's hard to put them back up again, though privacy is a must if you have nearby neighbors. I like the color of the fabric. I also love the necklace, too bad it's broken, but hopefully CC will replace it. I have a bunch of beads here and if I could sit for awhile it would be fun to make something like that; it's beautiful!

  6. It's great not to do much sorry about your the company.

  7. How wonderful that you were able to bring your parents to go see that Motown show, I would have enjoyed it as well, love the songs!! Tina Turner still looks amazing doesn't she!

    Oh dear, what a shame that your necklace was broken when it arrived. I find links such a b*tch to try to relink! lol I usually have lots of patience but not when it comes to necklace/bracelet links!!! Hopefully you've managed to fix it by now, it really is a gorgeous necklace.

    We had rain the other day with thunder and lightning as well and as you say, it's an unusual occurrence in January. We went from frigid to rain to snow and ice. I'll be so glad when winter is over with!!!

    I have no doubt the chair covers you'll make with that material will turn out perfect:-) xoxo


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