Monday, January 23, 2012

Gifts from Blog Friends

A few weeks ago I was surprised to find a package in my mailbox from Dianne. I opened it to find these items:

I had been talking about slipcovers for my living room sofa for awhile and Dianne sent me a pattern she had purchased and never used.  Even though I just purchased slip covers, I would still like to make another set.  She also sent a floral applique pattern that I hope to use later this year.

Dianne is one of my first blog readers, so she knows me well. She thought of my love of setting tables with vintage dishes and also sent a magazine/book called, "Flower Arrangements and Table Settings" that she found in York, PA and thought of me.  It appears to be from the 50's/60's.  I was touched that she thought of me and took the time and expense to mail these items.

I own a similar set of milk glass dishes.  I did not realize the grape-shaped serving piece I have came in a set of four as shown here.
 I own these dishes in yellow. 
I find it fun to see how ladies from a half century ago set their tables with the same dishes I use today.

Thanks again, Dianne. I really enjoyed reading this.

Today  I was totally surprised  to receive this package from  Patti in Missouri.

She sent me some of her husband's grandmother's rain lilies!  His grandmother! Patti received them in the 70's. Three generations of Missouri women have grown these flowers and now they have found their way to my  Michigan garden.  I was born in Missouri, so I am thrilled to have flowers from my birth state!

I cannot tell you all how honored I am to receive these.  I just hope they will survive the next few months, so I can plant them early this spring.  Patti, you can be sure that I will treasure these bulbs. I remember seeing them bloom on your blog and they are beautiful.

 I wish Dianne and Patti  lived closer to me.  I would love to invite them both to a garden  luncheon when the rain lilies were in bloom.


  1. Aren't bloggers just the most amazing people on Earth? What a fun gift package to recieve...and I love those old table settings and duplicate some of them once in a while. xo Diana

  2. Ah...thanks for the post. Really it was my pleasure to round up those things for you. Since I am having so many dental issues over the last few, you made me smile. And how neat is it that you own some of the dishes mentioned in the magazine?

  3. Fun to go to the mailbox when you get such great gifts!

  4. Dianne is such a sweetheart and always thinks of others:-) She certainly did know what you would enjoy and that table setting magazine looks awesome! Having the same dishes, it's no wonder you were so excited to see them in the magazine.

    How wonderful to also receive those bulbs, I can understand why they would mean so much to you. I had a penpal in Norway that had sent me begonia bulbs from her own garden and I treasure them because she passed away a couple of years later when she was just 40 years old. Every year when they bloom I think of her:-)

    Fun getting these kinds of packages in the mail instead of the regular bills, isn't it:) xoxo


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