Monday, January 9, 2012

Question for Pinterest Addicts

A few months ago Dianne from Collages and Creative Goodness turned me on to Pinterest. I did not join, but I go there almost every morning to be inspired.  I have been thinking of starting my own page, BUT this is what stops me:
See the " is not responding" message under the arrow?  I get that everytime I go to Pinterest.  Why?  My computer is not that's fast............???

Is there something I need to do to stop these freezes?  They are very annoying.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hmmm, I had a lot of trouble with Pinterest when I was first playing with it without "joining". While I never got that specific error you're getting, once I joined, those weird errors stopped.

    I'm glad I did join. I love Pinterest and am a total addict. I hope someone has a more definitive answer for you than I, however!

  2. hmmm Dorothy might be right....I joined but I've decided to stop....just takes up more of my time...I spend enough on blogger and Facebook...

  3. Haven't joined. Not sure what they have that I can't find on ebay or amazon. Let us know how it is if you end up thinking it's better.

  4. I've just joined Pinterest myself and have no idea what I'm doing! lol I had received an invite from one of my friends on Facebook so that's why I joined. Haven't had time to really investigate it and learn what to do. I have no idea why you're getting that message, hopefully somebody will have an answer for you. xoxo

  5. I'd just go ahead and join and see if that stops. I get 'hung up' there with a few error messages once in a while-probably when everyone else is surfing it. Make it private (pretty sure you can do that). I love being inspired and looking for recipes too.
    I think Sunray G. doesn't understand what it is. It's like a virtual bulletin board you pin ideas, recipes, etc. to your different boards.
    Pea-check my boards out and that may help you start pinning to your own. Once you start pinning, you can't stop!

  6. Zoey, I joined a long time ago, and have never once received any spam or unwanted emails. I don't know what the heck it is all about, I've never pinned anything and don't even know why I joined!
    I don't think there are any garden things on there, but let us know if you find any!

  7. Hi Zoey,

    I wish I could assist you. I am a member of Pinterest, but never received this message. I know it is much easier and faster if someone sends you an invite to join.

  8. Same thing here. I am a member, but everytime I am looking at the posts the warning comes up that pinterest is not responding, then I recover the web page and it starts back at the top of the page
    :( I am wondering if it has anything to do with pop up blockers or settings on our computer??


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