Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grocery Store Shock & Bracing for More Snow

I had a moment of grocery store shock Sunday--when did Miracle Whip go over $5 for a jar? Wow! I told DH I didn't need it, so wait for a sale.

 Am I the only person who hates those little stems they leave on fresh spinach?
 The stems are always there when I order a salad in a restaurant. When I buy spinach, I cut them off before I make my salad.  I wish the chefs would also do that.  This time I was not making salad. I gave the spinach a quick saute and ended up with this:

Can you believe that's $4 worth of spinach?  It's about three good forkfuls!

We are in the midst of another big snow storm.   I have not checked the weather forecast, but it's pretty bad out there right now. 


 I will peek out the front door into the blustery winter weather to see what's it's like.
It's a winter wonderland. The driveway was just cleared 1.5 hours ago, so it's been falling pretty hard all afternoon.  My mom just called to make sure I made it home from work OK. Isn't that sweet? I guess mothers never stop worrying.

While cleaning this weekend, I finally found my Mikasa crystal wine bottle coaster. I have been looking for it since last summer.
Evidently I needed to add some height to the butter dish and stuck the coaster under it, then put both on top of the china cabinet.  It is so pretty. What a waste to hide it up there where it can't be seen unless I stand on a chair. I cleaned the silver dish and put a piece of wood under it instead of the crystal.

Last night I felt like sewing, but did not want to start a big project, so I decided to see what I could make from my few small remaining bags of fabric scraps. ( I threw away a full garbage bag full over the weekend.)  I decided I would use this pattern because it only takes small skinny pieces of fabric.
 I made four of them.
 Then sewed the four blocks together:

It will make an interesting 9-inch square pot holder.

I also tried a second pattern with a less scrappy look.
 I like this one much better. It may work its way into something more special than a potholder. :)


  1. YOu must be getting our snow. It has been raining here since last evening and it's not ready to stop yet.

    Nice blocks. Like the second one better as well.

  2. See Zoey that's why we need to organize our stuff once in awhile..to find our lost treasures:)
    I always eat the stems on those fresh spinach leaves:)
    I know what you mean about 'grocery store shock'..seems like everytime I go, prices have jumped. Wait for sales..that's what I do too.

  3. Heather, It was also raining here since last night. You can imagine how slippery the roads are with that layer of ice underneath!

  4. Betty,
    We were posting at the same time. I guess you were a second earlier than I!

    I used to be such a good grocery shopper -- used tons of coupons back in the days of double and triple coupons--over 20 years ago. I am remembering the prices back then, so I always get shocked when I go in a grocery store today!

  5. The grocery is a depressing place anymore. I just hate going at all. I am the same as you about the spinach, what's up with the stems?? It cooks down to almost not enough to get your teeth dirty!! LOL Enjoy making your potholders. They are cute.

  6. We're in the middle of that snowstorm right now. It's quite windy as well so I feel sorry for the people who are driving in this, you can hardly see anything. It's 15F but much colder with the windchill. Glad I'm nice and warm in my home:-)

    I always cut the stems off the spinach as well. Isn't it ridiculous how expensive everything is getting? I've noticed a big jump in price for a lot of the groceries. For a big box of Mini Wheats I used to pay around $5...now it's $7.99!! Needless to say I will wait until it goes on sale! lol

    Your Mikasa crystal wine bottle coaster is gorgeous! Isn't it amazing what we can find when we start going through boxes and such? lol

    Stay warm my friend. xoxo

  7. I always cut the ends off spinach too. I don't like them either.
    It snowed a little here last night but not enough to make a winter wonderland. We haven't had much snow at all.
    My mom and grandma used to make quilts all the time when I was growing up. Somehow I never got into it.

  8. Wait a minute...you went to the grocery store? I thought Mr. Zoey (I know he doesn't like that name, but Mr. Passion isn't right, either!), did all the shopping?
    The price of commodities is going thru the roof. We go thru 5 of those spinach containers/week on this diet. We eat it 3 times a day.

  9. That Mikasa is lovely. No snow here, just a trace and a little icy this morning. I can do without the snow but I know we are not always going to be this lucky.


  10. I'm not fond of the stems either...I'm never sure why they leave them on!

  11. I HATE those stems. I always pop them off, too! I suppose it is just too labor intensive to do it for bagging.

    Your blocks turned out great. I LOVE the seoond one! xo Diana

  12. groceries are getting outragious....I don't mind the stems...

  13. Glad you are enjoying sewing while it snows. I think your quilting is so lovely and glad to have the table protector you sent me as I think about you every time I look at it.
    I love finding things that have been missing.

  14. Grocery shopping is a surprise on every visit. LOL! You are amazing and the busiest girl I know. Are you hipper? LOL! I remember having energy. Love the new pattern.

  15. Snow again!
    I love fresh spinach, but that was like eating high on the hog!
    More paper piecing Cool!


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