Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breaking the Mold....

and going for gold!

For the past few years I have purchased only white sheets.  I like the crisp clean look and feel of white sheets. When I decided it was time for a new set, they did not have white so I chose "honey".  The picture looked more like a light tan, so I was pretty shocked to see that the color was really gold when I opened the box.

I washed them and put them on the bed today with a heavier green/gold quilt.
It's not the clean, crisp look, but they do go with this quilt. The darker color feels more like autumn.

We will sleep on them tonight for the first time. I think they will be just fine.

DH and I have been busy all weekend bringing the outside tables/chairs/garden birdhouses, milkcans, watering cans and other assorted objects inside.  It is so much work!

We wash them all and then let them dry before hauling them to their various winter homes.

I have not yet cut down the deck plants because even though we have had a lot of frost, they have not been hit.  They are quite sheltered by the house and big trees overhanging the deck.  The plants also need to dry out before they get stored away.  Last week we had a lot of rain and they are still very wet.  That actually worked out well because DH and I are not as young as we used to be and we were quite pooped after two days of just removing these items and hauling them to the basement or to the under-the- house crawl space.  The tables/chairs, etc.  are now all stored away so it will be much easier just to do the plants in a couple of weeks.  We have always done it all in one weekend--what happened to the days when we could work eight to ten hours straight with just a break or two in between?  Those days are gone for sure.

While we were making room in the basement for the glass deck table, I came across a partridge (? some kind of bird) flower vase and decided to bring it upstairs.  I went to the deck and cut down 3 dahlias and some sage............yes, sage! The sage still looks great in my herb pot.  Sadly I did not even use it once this year.  I intended to make chicken saltimbocca with it, but that never happened.

So instead of eating the sage,  I used  it to make an aromatic flower arrangement.

So easy and so cute....I will enjoy these flowers every time I am in the kitchen.  I rub the sage between my fingers to release its fragrance.  Too bad our Thanksgiving is not until late November. The sage would be great in the dressing.

I did not accomplish any major tasks on my blog break. I did a little bit of a lot of things.....a little garden work, a little cleaning, a little organizing, a little cooking (lasagna soup and stuffed chicken florentine),

and a little sewing.

I now have three quilt fairy godmothers...

I do love making these ladies. I have no idea yet what I will end up doing with them. I love the scissors necklace on the newest one. 

I also bought a new pair of shoes this weekend.

I needed  (at least that is what I told DH when he rolled his eyes as I dropped these in the shopping cart) a pair of brown shoes and I really love these backless slip-on styles.

I have been reading blogs all week and I am really having a problem commenting on many of them.  I keep getting this error...
It causes my comment to disappear.  Is anyone else getting this all of a sudden?  I am trying to remember if I changed any of my settings recently to cause this. If you know what causes it, please leave me a comment. It is very frustrating!! I have tried 3 or 4 times on some blogs and I just can't leave a comment....on other blogs, I have no problem.


  1. Yes, I've read several blogs today that are having that problem. so it's just not you!

    Good luck on your gold sheets tonight, I'm a white girl too. But your quilt looks beutiful with them!!

  2. such ambition on a beautiful fall afternoon! You and your husband put me to shame! I love your shoes. And those sheets ....delicious!

  3. Hey Zoey sounds like you've been a busy lady. No wonder you needed a blog break. I don't take my stuff in. It stays out year round. I figure it's easier and I'll just live with it. It's also why I don't do many pots.

    Your'e a wild woman. Gold sheets? LOL

    Like your quilt pieces. No problems commenting but numerous blogs are saying they are having them.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Yes Zoey, we are all getting this o certain blogd, the ones that require a code to be entered. If you disable this people will be able to answer on the blog. You really do not need this anymore because of the spam filter.


  5. That is a lot of work Zoey..I hear we get older there just isn't that much energy anymore.
    Love your flower arrangement and the food looks delicious!
    Oh and I love those shoes and colored sheets are my favorite:)

  6. Zoey,
    Just wanted you to know it's not a partridge vase, it's a pheasant. One of my favorites. Let me know if you put on ebay.Ha, ha.

  7. Wow, you sure have been busy. Brian was outside scooping up trash can full after trash can full of Chestnut burrs. Most of the yard around our house is muddy. I went outside to see what he was up to and ended up walking around the long part of the yard 4 times (newly cut) and then raking burrs out of the gardens. Gave Bri more work to do! Our heater stopped working again and the repairman was back today and had to rewire a controller. We have a contract-but they have been here 4 times now!
    I was going to say that has a pheasant too. Your fairy godmothers are so whimsical! And I use that shoe comment too! : )

  8. I've not gotten THAT message, but mine just "disappear"'s very frustrating!

  9. The vine in my photo is called a Purple Hyacinth Bean vine. I just found it on Google.
    I noticed one of your ladies has a gap in her front teeth as I do!
    Your sheets look nice too. I need to get some of those.

  10. Those quilt block ladies are the cutest Zoey. It is such a job to clean up all of our garden decor pieces and chairs. I have it about half done. Cut shoes!

  11. I love having new bedsheets and in fact, I bought a couple of new sets just last week...pale green and pale pink. It's funny because I've never bought just plain white sheets, always coloured ones!

    I haven't even started putting away my patio furniture or any of my garden decorations. It's supposed to be nice all this week so it will be the perfect time to do it. I've noticed the same thing, what I used to do within a day or two now takes me a week! lol This getting old sh*t sucks! lol

    LOVE the flower arrangement you made in that delightful partridge vase! Great idea to also use Sage with the aroma of sage.

    Your shoes are perfect for just slipping on and going out, I need a pair like that!! Need to make a trip to Payless and see if I can find something similar. Right now all I have to wear at this time of year are my running shoes and boots.

    Omigosh how I love your quilt fairy godmothers, they're so adorable:-) You never cease to amaze me with your talent!!! xoxo

  12. so far I havent had any those those shoes...


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