Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am Glad I don't have 20/20 Vision

Because if I did, I would not have these new eyeglasses. I think they are going to be my favorite pair ever.  These are truly a fashion accessory. Just take a look:

These are all the same pair of eyeglasses. The sides just switch out. Genius! I had no problem  quickly finding five items from my closet to pair with each insert.  Of course there a dozens more that you can buy for $10/set. Fun, fun, fun!

These glasses remind of the Miche handbag. I don't own a Miche bag, because I already have quite a few handbags in different colors and I love to make one-of-a-kind bags for myself.

Last night I went out and cut off the dahlias in flower.  For lack of want to find an appropriate vase, I stuck them in a plastic coffee container thinking I would arrange them later.
I kind of like the jumble of colors, so I think I will leave them as is.


  1. I like those glasses. Very cool that you can change them out like that. Those flowers look beautiful. I would definitely leave them like they are too.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Very cool glasses. I've never seen anything like that before. Your flowers look great just as they are.

  3. super cute glasses...love the flowers in the coffee can...

  4. Very neat glasses! I know they make purses and flip flops that you can snap colors on, but glasses are something new.

    Oh and that flower pot . . .so orginial!!


  5. Zoey..those glasses look smart and classy..but then they are for a lady who is smart and classy!
    I love the simplicity of flowers in a coffee can.

  6. What an excellent idea on the frames! I love your bouquet.

  7. Zoey...you are the most "stylin" blogger. Love the new glasses.

  8. Love those dahlia! The arrangement looks like you spent hours on it...
    I betcha you will find a way to match your eyewear to your outfits!

  9. They are ingenious! I'd love to see you in them now. : )
    Dahlias are so lovely. These are crying out for a crystal vase-but you are a great improviser.

  10. Love your colorful dahlias! The glasses are very cool too!


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