Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Containers

While storing garden items I came across three wooden Halloween ground stakes and decided to stick them in the plants out front.
 I had forgotten that I had this cute ghost
 and two pumpkins

With hardly any effort at all, they gave my container plantings the seasonal change they needed. I did remove the sweet potato vines in the two flanking the garage. The cold weather from last week did them in. This is all the fall decorating I plan to do outside.

I still have not planted a single fall bulb. I will probably regret that next spring.


  1. Your 'fall planters' are looking good! It's okay Zoey to skip some of that busy garden work. I have learned to let go..a lot:)

  2. Well there you go, instant Halloween decorations! lol Love those stakes, they're so adorable. I usually only put out decorations outside a couple of days before Halloween but this year I'll be gone to Corey & Kristin's place that weekend to help her find a wedding dress and I'll only be coming home on Halloween Day itself!! Sooo, might just have a pumpkin as my decor outside! lol

    In the last two days I've been washing and putting away all my garden ornaments and also clearing out my flowerbeds. I also moved a bunch of plants. Now I'm sore all over! lol Tomorrow I need to put away all the patio furniture. At least I'm getting my exercise!! :-) xoxo

  3. I love those pumpkins in your fall containers! It is great to use some summer plantings in the fall, I do it whenever I can.


  4. Your decorations are so neat. Love the beautiful flowing grasses. Looks like you are ready for the little guys. Enjoy. Thanks you for sharing. Ginger

  5. Zoey, Your Halloween ground stakes are adorable in your planters.

  6. It looks very cute. I am not doing nearly as much outside as I usually time! No sweet potato vines left here either. Have a great night- xo Diana

  7. Cute! You know that digging in your stuff will make 'everything old, new again'.

  8. I had full intentions of getting up the fall stuff before vacation.....I think you just gave me the ideas I need to do the job in the few days I'll have between getting home and the grandson coming up for a visit. What a cute idea!

  9. They look so cute Zoey. I love the little spooks.

  10. Yes,I agree! The planters now look very autumn-like! Did you store the sweet potato vines, or did you just pitch them? Some friends of mine pull out the tubers and store them like dahlias. I say I will do that every year, but never do!
    Still plenty of time to plant bulbs yet, don'tcha think, Zoey??!


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