Monday, October 17, 2011

Bundles of Autumn Love

I've been cooking again. As this head of cabbage softened in the microwave, I made a tomato sauce. I bet you know what I made just by looking at these two pictures.
After stuffing the cabbage leaves with a beef/rice mixture, and baking them for nearly two hours, I ended up with a lot of stuffed cabbage,or Golabki as my Polish/French husband calls them. Whatever the name you know them by, they are little nuggets of lusciousness.
I can't give you the recipe, because I don't use one. I did google and I found dozens of recipes that sounded very similar to how I make them.  I like the tomato sauce version that has vinegar and sugar added to tomatoes and tomato soup. It has a sweet and sour type taste. I used some of my basil-infused vinegar.

 Of course, when I spend half a day cooking, I like to have multiple meals for the freezer.
So I made vegetable/beef soup in onion broth for lunch and will have it again on Tuesday for a light dinner. I froze half of the spaghetti squash and 4 meals of the stuffed cabbage. I did all this cooking today and we are not even eating home tonight! It's my mother-in-laws 82nd birthday, so we are going there. The golabki will be for tomorrow night.

I can't forget DH's sweet tooth. Yesterday I baked a banana bundt cake and an apple pie.

I am now done cooking for awhile. I really do not cook that often. During the work week, we have meals that I have in the freezer or just something quick to whip up (tacos with previously frozen seasoned beef, for instance). I have no desire to clean up a big cooking mess when I get home from work.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen today, I heard a strange noise in the driveway. What?
It was the snowblower! DH was testing it out before the first big snowfall.  Hopefully, that won't be for a while!


  1. Oh geez that's all I need is to see those wonderful cabbage rolls. They look fantastic and I want some.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I can't say if they are good or not as they are in the oven reheating for tonight's dinner. I hope they are tasty as I made six meals of them!

  3. Well, that sounds good. My hubby loves cabbage stuffed w/beef. I try to cook ahead too so that I don't have a big cooking mess every night when I get home from work.

    Hope you have an easier day tomorrow...xo Diana

  4. Hi Diana,

    We just finished dinner and they were pretty tasty so all the work was well worth it.

  5. Oh Zoey that looks tasty indeed! I usually do them the lazy way..they taste just as good and are only a fraction of the work:)Your baking and cooking will give you a lot of lovely meals.
    Ooh snowblower..ours is getting tuned up and whether we like it or not..winter is coming, might as well be ready.

  6. I like the idea of softening the cabbage in the microwave-thanks! Once in a while I get a little hankering for stuffed cabbage. : ) Yours really look good! (As did you cake).
    I also have a drop of French blood in me too!
    Noooo....snowblower! Geez, it can't happen yet right? : )

  7. Oh gosh, Zoey, more snow talk!?
    I have served thousands of stuffed cabbage rolls as a server, but never tried it. I like my cabbage fried, in bacon grease!

  8. Yum, the cabbage rolls look awesome. But, I'll have a piece of that bananna cake now, PLEASE!

  9. Zoey, you are awesome, cooking all that food in advance so you don't have to mess up the kitchen every night. Good for you! I'm home all day and rarely think that far ahead.

    I just read your earlier post too, and sorry to hear about the grasses. For years I planted Miscanthus gracillimus only to have it die; but then one late fall I planted one telling myself this would be the last time, I wasn't going to waste money any more, and wouldn't you know, the silly thing thrived? It's on the pachyberm now and though I'm tempted to take a hunk off of it for other places in the garden, I'm too afraid to touch it for fear it will croak.

    Love the hammock, too, I think we have one around here someplace, but you know what? I've never tried to use one. Knowing my luck, it would dump me out, or the ropes would break. LOL

  10. mmmmm looks good.....hope you won't need the blower any time soon....

  11. Oh, my gosh....put that thing away! I just heard the long range prediction for winter...more like last year only more severe. I have just started to forget last winter.
    By the way...what time's supper?

  12. Hey Zoey,
    Why couldn't my ex-wife cook like that for her man? I'll have to settle for the phjoptos.

  13. We call these cabbage rolls and you seem to make them the same way I do:-) They are indeed delicious and freeze so well. I still have a couple of bags in the freezer from when I made some earlier this summer. I especially enjoy them served with mashed potatoes!! Now I'm hungry. lol

    Oh dear, let's hope the snowblower doesn't need to be used any time soon. I'm just not ready to have snow yet, hopefully it will wait until just before Christmas! lol xoxo


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