Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breathtaking Autumn Color

I cannot think of the words to do justice to the spectacular colors we saw this weekend in Chippewa county in Michigan's upper peninsula. I will leave you with few words and these awesome scenes --I think it's the best color I have seen in years.

In the car below the lady is sticking her camera out the window to get pictures.
I had DH stop the car and I walked over to the sand path so I could be closer to the color.

In upper Michigan even the rest stops have lookout towers for scenic views!
Tomorrow I will show you a little side trip we took on the way home from a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert, which I did not enjoy at all. But the great weather, the color tours and the freshly-caught & broiled whitefish we had for dinner more than made up for the music. Overall, we had a great weekend.


  1. beautiful colors...I love Fleetwood Mac...

  2. Glorious colors Zoey! What, you didn't like Fleetwood Mac?


  3. Zoey- Beautiful! Where were you? We were just through the whole UP! xo Diana

  4. Zoey, what a beautiful trip. Thanks for taking us along. What a great idea putting the look outs at the rest stops!

  5. Hi Zoey-I agree--we were up there last week in Houghton/Baraga area and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I was glad to go home though. Busloads of Leaf Peepers. We left Friday morning and the traffic coming across the bridge heading north was crazy!!

  6. Gorgeous is all I can say...No to Fleetwood Mac???


  7. Wow-that sure is God's country up there. Love the shot of the lake and the colors of autumn. Here we are only seeing a little change here and there. I think we need to drive somewhere too.
    I missed what you said about Fleetwood Mac...had a few of their lps. ; )

  8. Ok...reread...must have been poor performers? Not sure if you like the Beatles, but who doesn't, the Beatlemania we went to had about 60 tribute bands and if you didn't like one, you could venture somewhere else (they have about 5 places where groups could be performing).

  9. Oh Zoey these pictures are beautiful! What a riot of color the leaves are this year. They are turning so fast now. I will be busy with the rake for weeks now. LOL! The shots of around the lake are fantastic.

  10. You guys see alot of tribute concerts, dontcha???
    I never see whitefish on the menu, anymore, I used to love it, but now all you see is tilapia, not as good!
    The leaves are incredible, aren't they? We are having Cassidy's senior portraits taken in autumn, with her coloring and the leaves, it should work out well!
    (did you see the Coldwater creek sale??)


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