Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Colors in my own Yard

The burning bushes are just beginning to burn. If you look through the arbor, you can see another one beginning.

The Sedum had darkened and all the bees have left. Have you noticed that as soon as the light pink color fades, the bees are gone?

At my place the bees just moved to the asters.  I have removed most of the weedy asters from my  gardens.  I do plan to keep this patch behind the small rockwall, where their scraggly legs are hidden.

In the backyard, I have one maple among the pines.

The yew hedge is loaded with red berries.

I can't believe how long this cardinal flower has been blooming. It's been in flower almost four months!

'Myrtle's Folly' is also still putting out flowers. She was the first dahlia to bloom and is still going strong.

We have had a gorgeous week with temperatures around 70 degrees. The weekend is supposed to be just as beautiful. I hope you are all as lucky!


  1. Zoey all so beautiful. I wish I had more time to tend to my flower beds.

  2. I have always loved the burning bush, don't have one though. That Maple is stunning. Can never get enough of the Dahlias either.....

  3. I love those burning bushes. I had one at the old house. I bought one when we moved here, but it was just never as pretty and then it died on me.
    you make me want to get another one!

    Love your fall colors.

  4. Looks lovely. My Yew sure don't have that many berries. They're only a couple years old so maybe as they mature. Busy times so could miss some of your posts.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Except for my Sedum, I have nothing else in bloom! Whatever I had left froze when we had a heavy frost the other morning. I just love all the Autumn colours in your own backyard, so beautiful.

    Hard to believe this weather, isn't it. We've had nothing but sunshine and temps in the 70's as well over here and for the weekend they're saying even hotter. I don't know if we've ever had a Thanksgiving weekend with such high temps...figures I put all my patio furniture away! lol xoxo

  6. Zoey your garden is still looking beautiful and so is your maple tree. Mine was just starting to look good and the wind the last couple of days have blown off most of the leaves. We've been having great the 80's.
    By the way that is an old sewing machine base in my back yard. Enjoy the nice weather this weekend.

  7. I don't see Moses around-get it-burning bush?! : )
    We have a large on bank that I look forward to see turn red every year.
    Glad the flowers are extending their show for you.
    We are going to have nice weather and temps too. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. A great time of year..and then the leaves fall. We had high winds for a few days and most of the leaves have relocated. The temperatures have been wonderfully warm for this time of year.
    Zoey, you captured some really gorgeous colors in your yard.

  9. your flowers are beautiful Zoey...we finally got a little rain here in Texas...

  10. Zoey,

    What gorgeous autumn colors! Don't you just love Burning Bushes?


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