Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a Wet Mess!

It's been cold and rainy for a few days. Since the deck plants have not been hit by a hard frost, I have had to wait to cut them all down and put them in their winter storage home.   It is still raining, so I just snapped these pics from my family room door.

Major mess!!  I was hoping to get all the containers in the storage space this weekend, but if they don't dry out a bit, I won't be able to.  They will just rot if I store them too wet.

I went to the bedroom window and snapped a few photos of the Arbor gardens.  I cut a lot down a few weeks ago, but there is still a lot more to do.

It will probably have to wait until spring now.

The sedum outside the living room window:
All the leaves are falling off. The heads will look nice with the first snowfall, so I will leave these until spring, too.
I was thinking that I am very late in putting my containers to bed this year, so I looked up my October posts from 2010. It seems that I put the plants to bed the weekend of October 22, so I am not late at all! I now feel so much better. :)

Last year on Oct. 19 I posted about my Halloween decorating. This year I am not planning to do any Halloween decorating, so I will repost some pics from last year:

I really enjoyed this vignette last year and I had planned to redo it this year. Somehow time & my energy escaped, and I never got around to doing it. 

I am hoping to do some sort of Thanksgiving decorating this weekend.  We have already made reservations to attend some concerts for the  last Saturday in Oct. and the first Saturday in November, so if I don't get it done this weekend, it probably won't get done at all. I need to find more time in my weekends!


  1. I understand time getting away from you. I seem to have very little right now also and will still be very busy for a while.

    Your Halloween display last year was really nice, but I don't do all the holiday decorating myself anymore either. Enjoy your concerts.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Our weather has been just like yours, lots of rain and wind. They say our weekend is going to be nice, better be or I won't get everything put away outside. You sedum looks really nice standing up straight. Mine tends to lie down, some say too much water during the growing season does this. The sedum in my alley garden is standing straight and tall because I hardly ever water that area.


  3. I do like your Halloween Vignette from last year. I mostly have autumn decor, but brought one bag with a cute little black tree with orange bulbs on it that I will put in the front window-the orange light will be the look I want. And if I put them in the window tomorrow-that's 10 days of enjoying them.
    I hope you can get your plants put away soon so you can get down to quilting or tablescaping.

  4. It is wet and cold here too-really crummy weather. I love your decorations from last year...they are spooktacular! xo Diana

  5. I love the pretty leaves on your trees....have a great weekend...

  6. Lots to do this time of the year!

  7. You still have some pretty Fall foliage Zoey. It has been a wet mess here to and cold, well cold at least to me.LOL! Time gets away from us. It was only 43 degrees here yesterday so I was dashing out bringing in plants last night. Your Sedums will look pretty in the snow but I for one am hoping there will be only one snow this winter.LOL! Dream on I know.

  8. Find more time Zoey?? Or maybe slow down:)
    I actually find garden clean up easier in spring.
    The sedum will be pretty in winter unless the snow covers them all:)

  9. We've been having the same type of weather, right now it's only 43F and it's raining and windy. I put away all my outdoor stuff when we were having the nicer weather a couple of weeks ago so I'm glad that was done then! lol

    I love your Halloween vignette from last year, what a shame you don't have time to do it again this year. Isn't it ridiculous how fast time seems to be going by? Seems we only got into October and here it is almost over with. I haven't decorated the outside yet but will get at it this weekend if the weather cooperates. xoxo

  10. I know how you feel with the rain interrupting your garden plans! Love that you are leaving the Sedum...I find them so interesting, right up until I cut them down in spring. You're right, they look especially wonderful dusted with snow :-)


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