Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Had only a Few Hours of Sunshine this Weekend

and I enjoyed them to their fullest!

I expect this to be the last day I will  use the hammock this year. It's only 55 degrees today, but with the sun shining and a quilt tossed over, it was fairly warm.

For two days it rained and was very windy. My poor urn almost met its demise yesterday afternoon when it blew over for the second time this year.  The thing is so heavy I can't pick it up, yet it fell over twice! When DH came in and told me one side was all cracked, I expected much worse than this.
It is still usable. Next year I will just turn this side toward the garage wall.

I am disappointed in the 4 grasses I  planted in the rockwall garden.  None of them have bloomed.
This is blue oat grass.
I don't think it grew much at all. Do any of you know how long it takes for this grass to grow? I think it is supposed to get very tall.  The other grasses  have not grown much either--Maiden Grass   Gracillimus & Maiden Grass Morning Light.  I always thought grasses grew 4 feet or more in a year.  Hopefully they will take off next year.

Here is something that I am happier with.  The kale has finally turned nice and purple.  I didn't think it was ever going to!


  1. Like your quilt Zoey. The Blue Oat Grass as I recall only gets maybe 3 feet tall tops, maybe not quite that, which I like, but I wouldn't have expected it to bloom it's first year in the ground, especially this heatwave year. Probably will next year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I'm with you, Zoey! I always thought grasses took off really FAST! I guess when I think of grass I think of it as growing as fast as a lawn would. Well, hopefully next year. Your kale is looking good and I love your hammock with the quilt. xo Diana

  3. Zoey, I believe these grasses are "warm season", that they start to really grow with warm weather. I have had blue oat grass for quite a few years, and it does not bloom every year-last year was a good one, with an early, warm spring. This year, not so good-it stayed shorter, and no blooms. That is my experience with that one; the others I do not have, but would like to add in--somwhere!

  4. Hi Zoey,

    Blue Oat grass never grows very large in our zone 5 and sometimes browns around the edges in the heat. I have never seen it above twelbe inches tall around here.

    I had Morning Light at my last house and it was beautiful, too big for my garden now.


  5. Oh the hammock, a quilt, a book and those gorgeous fall leaves..what a place to relax!

  6. My Gracimillus took until it's THIRD season to reach full height & bloom. I'm in 5b/6a (metro-detroit) and had that bad boy planted on a south facing wall near the concrete driveway & it still took a long time. Worth the wait!

  7. That hammock looked so comfy, cozy!
    The fall colors are lovely there.
    The kale is really pretty-I should give it a try again. I see I have grasses to cut down before the seeds go all over the place or I'll be sorry. I dug up all but one a few years ago and it's spread again.

  8. I agree with the others, the grasses will probably take about 3 years to reach their full height...and will continue to clump up each year. Grasses usually spend that first year making good, deep roots :-)

  9. Thank you all for your comments. It sounds like the grasses take a few years to get established. I feel better now!

  10. love that quilt and your hammock...


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