Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Harvest Days

We spent a hour or so at our local museum this weekend. This cute hay bale bear welcomed everyone to Fall Harvest Days.

They had a nice quilt display.

I was very interested in the underground railroad quilt display telling the story of how quilts were used to help runaway slaves... 
The homeowner would hang a quilt of a certain pattern on the clothesline and the runaway would know that they could seek shelter in that home.  There  is still debate as to whether this is folklore or truth.
Many years ago the museum recreated some of the old shops that used to line the street of our town.

You walk through it as though you were walking downtown.

I bet the millinery was quite the popular store for the well-dressed ladies of the era.

Outside they have moved actual buildings and reconstructed them. We enjoyed this one-room school house that was in use until 1961.

DH enjoyed the old bank.

This man was whittling corn stalks into dolls and fiddles. 

I thought of Patti from Missouri when I saw this blacksmith display. Patti's husband is a very talented blacksmith.
This blacksmith's wife showed us a snake that her husband made from two of the files she is holding.
We were  amazed how that file turned into the snake! Who would look at the file and see a snake? Such talent!
After explaining it all to us, she looked up at me and said how familiar I looked. Then asked when I graduated...two years before she did.  When I told her my maiden name, she figured it out. She went to school with  my sister, Delynn.

The  museum has an new quarry exhibit where you can search for fossils.  DH found the fossil in the last picture.

We are always attending festivals, etc. in other places. It was fun to attend a little event in our own town for a change.


  1. Zoey dear I could just kiss you! I screamed when I saw the blacksmith wife's holding a cobra. You see BT makes snakes too out of those rasp, he makes black snakes or rattlers. BUT Saturday at the show someone asked for a cobra. He agreed to make one. He then told me, I have to research to see how to make it.
    You did good GF!
    (and thanks for the nice comments too!)

  2. Zoey, glad to see you back. It looks like you had a great day out and about your own town. Lots of interesting things there.

  3. Good times at "Fall Harvest Days'. Zoey..I'm happy you took time from your 'garden duties' to do some fun stuff with DH.

  4. Zoey-What a great day at the museum. That snake thing is cool even if snakes do freak me out a bit! lol Those quilts are amazing, aren't they? xo Diana

  5. Now that is clever with the snake. I don't know HOW people come up with such original ideas!

  6. What a great place. The bear is fantastic. Always nice to see how creative people can be. The quilt display looked wonderful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Oh that looks like such fun. The bales are so cute! Those quilts are gorgeous. I so admire people who crate them. I haven't the patience or attention span I am not sure which. LOL!

  8. Hi Zoey,
    I love the history of the quilts and runaway slaves. Truth or folklore, it's worth repeating. Love, Love, that red checked quilt. What a fun time you had. We have an area near us that is similar. True, we don't visit it very often. We do so overlook attractions in our own neck of the woods.

  9. Patti,
    rasp?? not file? LOL. I am glad BT can use the picture. Who would have thought I would ever post something that would aid him?

    It was.

    Thank you. It feels good to back at it.

    I am, too. Right now I am having a cup of coffee and then heading out to put some more garden items away. It's a gorgeous 70-day out there.

    They sure are. I love quilts!

    Me either. As long as I look I don't see a cobra in that rasp. :)

    Hi Cher ,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I find quilting to be a very creative and relaxing least most of the time. Some days are frustrating when I just can't get it right.

    I hope I have inspired you to go check out your own attractions soon. :)

  10. Looks like a great time! Lots of 'connections' to PA-like the underground railroad which had safe places right in this general area. Some of the exhibits like the millinery reminded me of the Mercer museum in Doylestown, PA.
    Neat about the blacksmith's wife. And loved the haybale bear!

  11. I would have loved to come along with you, I so love visiting places like that. Walking through the barber shop and general store must have been so much fun. That blacksmith does incredible work, the cobra looks so real! The underground railroad encompassed such a large part of Canada and the United States and as you say, it's hard to know which stories are real and which are just folklore. When we did the Underground Railroad tour in Niagara Falls, we heard so many stories, a lot of them which have been embellished through the years, I'm sure! lol The quilts are gorgeous, though!! xoxo


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