Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking a Short Blog Break

After an email from a concerned blog friend, I wanted to pop back in to say that all of my lab tests came back pretty good. I am not sick.

I am just in a blog funk and hope to regain my enthusiasm in a few days. When you have been blogging as long as I have, you need a little break every few months. :)


  1. Zoey,I will miss your posts. Enjoy your break. I hope you tests all came back ok.
    Talk to you soon,

  2. My day won't be complete without reading your blog...Hurry back.

  3. Zoey,

    You have more to say than I do! Please do not stay away too long, what about your tablescapes, recipes, crafts, clothes online, etc.


  4. I hear ya sister!

    Vacations are nice.

    (PS my appt was cancelled, would you belleive the day before I got a letter from my insurance company (with who I have a VERY high deductible) that during Oct, Nov and Dec. they would cover in full all paps, boob smashes and blood test, no deductible or co-pay. so I will wait another 3 weeks!

    Take care and enjoy yourself!

  5. enjoy your break...will be here when you return...

  6. Ah...well I can understand. Even if you find a blog or recipe that is good info for us. I am in a funk over crafts, so I hope that corrects itself soon.

  7. I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering where you've been. Enjoy the break--it's the best time of year up here.
    The colors in my area are fantastic right now and it's been harder and harder to squeeze in even blog reading!
    Take care and we'll miss you!

  8. Glad your tests are good. Everyone needs a break from time to time. You will be missed, hopefully you will return renewed!

  9. Take care of yourself and enjoy your break. You'll be missed and excellent news on your tests.

  10. Zoey, I miss you already! I think I need to go on a break with you before I'm incarcerated for doing Carl great bodily harm.

    I'm glad to hear your labs came back good.....I have to face that in two weeks myself. Hope you have a wonderful rest, and come back soon, please!

  11. It's okay to take a break and get recharged Zoey!
    Hugs to you!
    My word verification is 'sewinn'..will you be doing that? smiling


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