Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rustic Frames

Love these twig/bark frames!

Not really feeling the love for this..
Really, must we be subjected to these ads on blogs?
I kid you  not, this popped up while I was surfing some decorating linky party blogs. I took a screen shot just so I could prove it.

 This blog was overloaded with advertising, enough to  cause my computer to bog down and stop before it all loaded.  As I was X'ing out (as I tend to do immediately on ad-filled blogs), this pop up got through. I will never know what sucks more than bridesmaid shoes because I refuse to click on a blog advertisement.  I will not return to that blog or any other that invites me in and then inundates me with advertising--especially the universally hated pop-ups.


  1. Neat frames. I like things like that. As for the ads, it's horrendous isn't it. It's so obvious when you see a blog stuffed with ads that they blog for money. I don't mind a couple to help pay their hosting, but other than that it's horrible.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. cool frames...I don't like all those ads either...I've had offers...but declined...blogging to me is about meeting people...learning new things...

  3. Well, finally-someone spoke up and said something. I thought it was just me- I hate all those ads..and some of them are now on my favorite blogs. I particularly hate the ones that pop up and "jitter" so that you have to x out of them or "accept". I know there are ladies that are making big bucks off their blogs with advertisers but it takes the fun out of their blog for me.

    Love those rustic frames. Wouldn't they be great in a man cave? xo Diana

  4. I'm a big fan of rustic things and these frames are all stars.

  5. Great frames! And yes, the ads are the pits. I've quit reading several blogs I enjoyed because they started running ads. Is NO place sacred anymore?!?!

  6. You have the reson I quit most magazines, it would take all the way to page 20 before you'd get much without an ad. Sure I know magazine have to make money to publish, but too many ads make me mad!

  7. Oh Zoey, those frames are gorgeous! I've never anything like them before.

    My goodness, that was quite the ad to pop up while you were visiting some blogs! I really detest any kind of pop ups on a blog and if it happens, I just don't return there anymore. If I wanted to see ads, I'd turn on the tv or look at a magazine!! lol xoxo

  8. I always am amazed at the talent people have for painting on feathers. Such tiny strokes. LOL!


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