Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Use for my Vintage Metal File Drawers

I have an old piece of junk, vintage metal file drawer that has been sitting empty since floppy disks became obsolete. At one time, it held all my 3.5-inch floppies that stored everything from my recipes to my garden pictures. Now just one of these holds close to 500 of those floppies.

Last night I was cleaning some chives to freeze for the winter. I thought how much I was going to miss going out to the deck to chop off a sprig of fresh herb while cooking dinner.

Then I thought why not bring them inside? I washed them off in the kitchen sink, then wrapped the plastic pot in paper grocery bags and stuck each inside one metal drawer.

I made a label for each, which really brought the old metal to life. Now I have fresh herbs right at my fingertips. Let's hope they take a liking to their new home!

My sister and I just returned from a Harvest dinner at our local VFW. Both my mom and dad were volunteering for the event. We had a nice meal of fresh veggies, pork, beef and homemade pies.

There's dad back in the kitchen hand washing dishes for about 200 people! Yesterday he and Mom spent all day there with the other volunteers preparing the veggies, cooking, etc. Tonight mom was one of the wait staff.

My sister and I are members, too, but we have no time (or desire) to do all that work. We each donated 12 lbs of carrots, & bought a ticket to the dinner. That is more than 80% of the members do!


  1. great idea...looks like a fun good your parents stay active....

  2. Wow, I haven't had beets in years. I should have bought a ticket.

  3. Isn't it amazing how technology changes? About the time I figure out how to use the latest gadget, I find out I'm way behind the times again.

    What a good idea for the drawers!

  4. Zoey..I love that idea of filing drawers holding herbs!
    We have what we call Fall suppers around here..I'm thinking it's the same idea. And usually it's the older people cooking, serving and cleaning up. That's a lot of work although I think they have fun doing it.

  5. What a great idea to use the drawers for herbs. You are so clever :)
    Our Church has big meals like that and most of the volunteers are Seniors. Sounds like a good time.

  6. The file cabinet idea is a great idea! I like the orange labels. Will they get light where you have them? You should send that idea to a magazine.
    Your parents are awesome! That's nice what they do and the food looks yummy!


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