Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Little More of Manhattan & Aunt Mary's Cooked Potato Salad Dressing

The Manhattan lilies I planted last week have really opened up. They go nicely with the Sedum Autumn Joy. I moved the whiskey barrel orb to this area to enhance the display. It's great to fill in bare spots!

It's only in the mid 50-degree range out today, so I have been inside cooking all afternoon. While looking through my old 1970's recipe box, I came across aunt Mary's potato salad dressing recipe. It is a cooked dressing with a bit of ZING from vinegar.
I love these old recipes! Who says "oleo" any more? I used real butter because that is what I always buy. I just used about 1 tsp.

I cut up 5 medium potatoes.
While they were boiling I cooked the dressing. I did not have dry mustard, so I just squeezed a blob of this multi-grain mustard in instead.

You only bring this mixtue up to a boil and then remove it from the heat. You don't want the eggs to cook--although mine did because I let it boil a min. or two. No big deal, once I put the mayo in, you could not even see the small bits of cooked egg.

I cut up some onion, celery and red pepper to add to the potatoes. Here it is all done.

It's in the fridge cooling until it's time for dinner.


  1. Your potato salad looks so good. i make a german potato salad that we eat right away. It had bacon in it. The dressing is a whole lot like yours.
    Makes me hungry!!!

  2. Your lilies are gorgeous! And they do go nicely with the sedum.
    Next Saturday Bri and I are going to dinner at his old co-workers who we havent' seen in years. I happen to run across a 1947 (I think) cookbook about desserts and may do one of the coffee cakes.

  3. I meant to say your potato salad looked yummy and I love old recipes too!

  4. Zoey, the lilies are so pretty, love the pink and that whiskey barrel orb just 'fits' wherever it is placed!

    The potato salad looks fantastic; I trust old tried and true recipes, too. (and butter!)

  5. Hi Zoey,
    I didn't know there were lilies that bloom this time of year. It's cool that they bloom so soon after being planted this time of year. Those do go well with the autumn joy sedums. Your orb looks great there, too.

    The handwriting on the recipe reminds me of my mother-in-law's writing. She had a notebook she kept some in, along with recipes from packages or magazines. That potato salad looks yummy!

    It got warm enough to work outside today, but I'm feeling tired, and overwhelmed with things to do inside. I figured if I can get my laundry done, and some messes cleaned up, I can have more fun in the garden tomorrow, not thinking about what all needs to be done. I did also cut up the cantaloupe and honeydew melons I had, and next, I'm going to cut up the rest of the watermelon that's in the fridge.

  6. Thanks Zoey for the recipe, I am making that dressing very soon with the potatoes of course:) I need to look for wholegrain dijon mustard..don't know if our grocery store carries that.

    I love those shades of pink..beautiful!


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