Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We have not made a Lot of Progress on the Homefront

About the only thing we completed since the contractor left is this little pantry. I love it all white and bright!
It is not even really complete because we want to buy and install a few more wall shelves.

The only time we have to work on the house is on the weekend and we went away this past weekend.  We took my parents and went to see an opera singer show that we have gone to for the past three years.  Life is too short to work all the time!

So the house is still a major mess.   While I was at work today DH primed a couple of the newly drywalled areas (bless his heart).
Now we need to paint the walls.  After work today, I had a haircut appointment. The shop happens to be very close to a Sherwin Williams store, so I went there after the hair cut to look for a green paint.  I left with a handful of samples.
O.K. I took one of every green they had! After getting home I quickly eliminated most of them, then studied the three top contenders.

I think I finally decided on the color for the living room, dining room and hallway...all the same color....it's SW Recycled Glass.

I taped the tiny little sample all over ... on my new chandelier.......

on the living room sofa and love seat which I wish I could replace, but it's still like brand new, so I am forced to work with it.
next to the beams in the living room.....

this color is more like the real color. The sample on the sofa is not quite the correct color.

against the pantry door and the new floor...........
I hope it won't be too dark in the hallway. I do like it against the white and the floor.

I just hate trying to pick a paint from these tiny samples.

Have any of you used Sherwin Williams Recycled Glass paint? I would LOVE some reviews before I go and buy it. I did google it and found a few rooms that I thought looked very nice.

It's such a big decision!


  1. Hi Zoey,
    I went to http://www.mabpaints.com/eColorOnline/eColorOnline.asp?id=1
    and played with the color samples. I really like the green you chose. I didn't used to like green, but as I've said before...my tastes have changed. It looks like a soft gray green that will go with anything. Like you say...It will contrast with the white very well. I love the bright white in your pantry area.I guess that life must go on even when we are decorating. Have a nice evening...Balisha

  2. Zoey...life is too short to work all the time...you will get it all done in good time...looking good...

  3. I LIKE that green very very much! It always seems to work out if we trust ourselves and go with the gut feeling! I just love the name too - "Recycled Glass" - talk about GREEN living!
    Thank you for your comments - this aging process is very informative and illustrates what lies ahead. Yikes.

  4. I love the colour you chose Zoey, it will look stunning once you are done, especially against the white.
    A classic look. :)

  5. Zoey,the green is very nice and it's not too dark. But I know what you mean..I do not like picking colors from those little samples either. I can't visualize it in such a small size.
    Your pantry looks so neat and tidy..white is a great color..you want brightness.
    I am looking forward to seeing everything done..I'm sure you are too:)

  6. Wow, that green sure looks different next to the sofa and then ceiling. I like it. I use to have a minty green in the living room and hallway. My brother said it looked like a hospital color, so I went to a blue. I can't paint anymore, so if I hire or get one of these guys to paint again, I'd probably just do a more aqua blue.
    Your chandelier looks fab!

  7. P.S..... could you please come over and straighten out my pantry? You obviously have GREAT SKILL in that department -LOL. I am so impressed.

  8. Oh, Zoey, I am so envious.....this is exactly what we should be working on here at my house. I LOVE the pantry! Something I have always wanted. And I think the paint will be beautiful when you are done. I'm also glad to hear you took a break from the remodeling; sometimes it gets overwhelming and then you come back to it refreshed. Keep us posted (and when you are done, come here and tell me what to do with this old wreck we live in!)

  9. I'm insanely jealous of your pantry!!! Love the chandelier!

  10. I love your pantry. Love the hardwood floors, and the green will be beautiful, what ever color you choose.

  11. This is too funny...the green you chose is almost exactly the green I chose to paint my living room! lol I'm also going with all the white trimming and will also have crown moulding put up. Next week I have to empty out the living room and remove the carpet before I go away on the weekend and when I come back I'll paint and then the flooring can be put in. Right now I'm shopping for a new couch which I thought would be easier than it has been!!! I don't want leather and that's what most of the stores have. I need to bring my old couch and chair to the auction place, it's still in terrific shape so even if I get $50 for it I'll be happy:-) Are we having fun yet? lol xoxo


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