Monday, September 13, 2010

How did those Veggie Patties turn out?

Betty, thanks for asking. Here they are:

DH loved them even though I forgot the caramelized onions that I had made earlier with the plan to use them. I completely forgot about the carrot patties and put all the onions in the meatloaf! A soon-to-be-senior moment? LOL. O.K. in some circles I am already a senior.

Just so I remember how to make these again, here is what I used: shredded carrot, tiny bit of shredded celery, mixed with one egg, salt, pepper. Then I sprinkled Panko bread crumbs on top and bottom and fried in mixture of oil/butter at medium heat. Next time I will add onion to the mix.

No time for blogging right now as I have to head to work.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Well Zoey those veggie patties look wonderful..I'll be making them soon, I do have fresh carrots from the garden.

  2. Nice recipe for my vegetarian kids. Balisha

  3. all I can say is YUM! And,can I come over?


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