Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Few New Bloomers

Just in time for Jean's What's Blooming Tuesday.
While looking over the deck railing at my side garden, I admired this color combination of dark purple Buddelia with the black-eyed Susans.
I have two butterfly bushes. The other one is a lighter purple. The lighter one seems to get many more butterflies. It's bigger so maybe thart is why. There is a butterfly on one of these blooms. Did you see it?

It looks like I finally have a true 'Picasso' canna. I bought these this year at the end of June when Home Depot had them half price. What a bargain! They have bloomed true to the package description.

I bought 'Lucifer' at the same, but am still waiting for its bloom.
It appears to be a late, late bloomer.

Here is a zinnia from the seeds I tossed in a few containers.

Perfect splotchy colors for the cannas its planted with!
Tropicanna 'Gold' is putting out some nicely colored flowers.

My first ground-planted canna is about to bloom. That is very exciting for me because I have never had one that I planted in the ground bloom.

Pardon me? Oh, did someone ask what was in the background?

Click here to see my latest shaggy bags.

After doing that, don't forget to head on over to Jean's to see what everyone has blooming.


  1. I'm really loving those bright colors. My tastes seem to be changing in the garden. I've always loved pink, grey and purple in the flower bed. I may slowly introduce more color next year. Balisha

  2. Those color combinations are really pretty. The zinnia is a perfect match to your canna blooms!

  3. I love how you include the background, so that I can see how you've grouped them, or added garden art. Beautiful!
    I just started getting hooked on gardening this past spring.

  4. Balisha, I used to be all purple and pink, too. Then one year my tastes began to change and now I am really loving the reds/oranges. Except for when the Sedum A. Joy blooms, then I like pink again! :)

    Karen, I just wish I had more of those zinnias. My other ones are all single colors.

    becomingkate, thanks so much for noticing that. When I read blogs, I like to see landscape pics rather than just close ups of a flower (I can see those in garden catalogs), so I try to show longshots as often as I can.

  5. Beautiful garden Zoey..I did take a second look at the blue in the background and saw it was a pretty bag and just knew that you had made it! Very nice:)

  6. your flowers are beautiful...

  7. Your cannas are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the bloom on the one in the ground. Did you see the one I posted from Longwood over a week ago? I think it was a canna.
    Your purses are neat! I know demin is so durable (and washable).

  8. I love the vibrant colors of your cannas and their foliage is icing on the cake. :)

  9. Beautiful...I always love purple/yellow combinations in the garden...those two just really play off each other and makes both colors "pop"!

  10. Thanks for posting all your bicolor cannas -- I've looked at them in catalogs many a time!

    I have great luck with cannas in the ground outside of Washington DC (Zone 7a). However, they won't live over the winter. They must be brought in and replanted the following spring, or replaced.

    And maybe you've inspired me to try zinnias from seed. :)

  11. I love, love, love purple/blue with yellow and/or orange....such a cool color combo. We had an early freeze last year and it didn't kill my cannas but...close. I'll give them until next year before I decide if the should stay or go, and start with new. You selected some gorgeous colors.

  12. Zoey, The canna and the zinnea colors are amazing! They must look even better in person. Just beautiful! I love the 'shaggy bags' too! Jean

  13. Love your cannas, Spectacular! I have a lovely dark purple buddleia and now I see the black eyed susans accenting will have to add them to my garden.


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