Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am Tired of this White Stuff Already

No, I am not talking about snow! Even in Michigan it's too early for that.

Here's clue #1:
This trailer has been parked at the end of my front yard for the past week.
Clue #2:
After work last night we went out to purchase our weekend entertainment.

You guessed it... the contractor finally started replacing windows, doors, drywalling, etc.

Today we had to begin our huge painting project--every room and ceiling in the house will be repainted and DH and I are doing it all. I have decided that all moldings, window casings, etc. will be pure white. I have not yet decided on wall colors.

The hallway floor has been finished and today we are painting the shelves for the tiny pantry we have at the other end of this hall. I primed the shelves early this morning with Kilz and DH painted them while I made dinner.
Of course, all of the food that goes on these shelves is sitting in plastic bins on my kitchen floor.

Next week, they will be replacing all of the doors in that hallway with 9-panel doors, which will be painted pure white. The contractor will be painting the doors, but we will do everything else.

These doors are also being replaced. I am saving these to paint in outrageous colors to use in my garden! What fun I will have with these next year!

The drywall guy has been missing in action since last Monday. I expected to be cleaning drywall dust this weekend, but the guy never came back to finish this wall and the dining room walls. I guess he has been on other projects and Friday he was home with a sore back.
He is supposed to return on Monday.

I hope you are all doing something more fun this weekend.


  1. It's sure getting there Zoey! What is finished looks nice. I can't do anymore painting as going up and down ladders is bad for my feet-I got a heel spur that lasted for months. If Bri or Sean can't paint, I would hire someone. Your hallway looks remarkably a lot like mine! Is one door a bathroom? Do you have a master bathroom? (We don't).
    You should have some fun with the old doors!

  2. oh I need to paint...inside and out....can't wait to see your finished project..

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished results..I hope your arms and backs are't too sore after this huge project! Better make those massage appointments.
    Can't say I'd be that ambitious:)

  4. All the hard work is going to be so worth it once it's all done! In a couple of weeks I'll be painting my living room and having wood floors put in, very similar to the colour you have. I look forward to it and yet I'm not because I have no idea where I'm going to put everything that's in the living room, it all has to be moved out of there! lol Your whole house is going to look gorgeous I'm sure! xoxo


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