Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blooming Tuesday

Don't ask how I got two of these images...I have no idea. I have been playing with the image for a long time to try to make it link back to Jean's blog. I could not get that to work, but somehow I did something to multiply the image!

Hey, wait...I think I did get them to link back....when I put my cursor over the image, it has Jean's address! Wooo hoooo! Now how did I do that???? Click one and see if it works for you.

I don't have a lot of nice images today because after a week of very cold nights nothing is looking very good in my garden.

The poor Elephant's Ears have seen better days.

This one is really bad.

This whiskey barrel is looking pretty decent. I have been waiting patiently for the orange phlox to bloom....finally it has burst forth....see it way in the back of the barrel..........no?

The reason you don't think you see it is because it's not orange at all! It's hot pink!!! To top it off, it has a bad case of mildew. I expected it to be a new mildew-resistant variety.
Nothing I bought this year turned out to be what I expected.

Even the Sedum Autumn Joy is not up to par. It's OK, but the heads are tiny this year.

It could be because it's a new planting. This is the area I dug out and replanted in 2008. Here it is before planting:

I am planning to cut down a lot of things this weekend. It's that time of year...if I work very hard in the fall, I won't have to do much next spring.


  1. I heard other Bloggers complain about the Perfect Orange Phlox as well. Sorry that your garden is not up to par this season. It was a hard summer here and everything didn't turn out the way I hoped either. Oh well there is always next year. :)

  2. I'm chuckling Zoey..you always work hard no matter what season:)

  3. How cold is it getting your way? Here it's not gotten below 56.
    The trees are still so green and the grass is growing so much. I never ever remember a fall this green and still cutting grass weekly.

  4. I love your gardens and enjoy your blog. I was thinking my underwatering was my elephant ears's problem, I never considered the cooler weather last weekend. I store my elephant ears in our mid-Michigan basement. Big old fashioned coal converted to gas furnace keeps it around 50-60 degrees most winters. I leave the light on a few hours a day and water them a few times a month.

  5. Your yard is still lovely! Love the pin flowers in your front.THanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

  6. I love that huge swath of 'Autumn Joy'...it's so lovely!

  7. You are not having much luck this season! I hate when I specifically buy something and it turn out a different color. I do love all the Autumn Joy.

  8. I think your gardens still look nice.It's just that time of the year when the plants are getting ready to rest.
    You can take the second photo off no problem. Just open the page up in the 'html mode' and you'll see the dupicate image.

  9. I think your Autumn Joy looks great! It seems like my garden just got started, but like you, I am prepping for fall.


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