Thursday, September 23, 2010

I was at Home Depot on the Right Day!

I have never been to HD when perennials/bulbs were marked down at end-of-season prices.

Yesterday we had to run there after work to get a bi-fold door handle. Just for kicks I walked through the garden department.

I spotted one shelf with closeout plants. I walked over for a closer inspection----Whoaa--JACKPOT!
The same Manhattan Lilies I just bought (with their spent blooms removed) were now $1.50/pot. I also grabbed some Silver Mound artemesia for the same low price. I bought a total of 10 containers.

As you can see from the pictures, we are having a very rainy day. It's actually been quite miserable all day today. . . a good day to have spent at work.

My contractor finished today. Before he left he did a project that is going to make my life so much easier next year. Look way back by the house....
You can't see anything new, but if I go back behind the shrub and snap a photo, you will be able to see what I am so excited about..............

A new water faucet! Finally I will be able to reach all of my gardens with a hose. Before I had to haul 100 feet of hose from the backyard and it still would only reach about half of the gardens. Maybe next year I can plant and water some of those areas where nothing will grow because I can't get water to the area. I can't wait for next summer!


  1. SCORE!!!!! Yea for you! LOVE the artemesia. We must figure out a way to irrigate that water-less area

  2. Awesome deal...those are one of my favorite plants...they totally remind me of my mother, who HAD to have them in her garden...even though our cats also insisted that they be allowed to sleep on them :-) They are so beautiful, especially when they are covered in dew!

  3. Hope I can find a good deal on marked down pansies soon.

    Ya gotta love a good contractor.

  4. Zoey, you were SO lucky! Great deals on marked down must-have plants AND a new faucet!!!!! Oh, what I would give for another faucet'd think we'd get around to it, wouldn't you, but this year with all the rain we had we didn't need to water (not even once) and so this was just another excuse to put it off til next spring when we will (of course) be too busy to think about plumbing...I think we need to hire a handyman?! (Can you tell I'm a little envious here--but I did get Carl to fix my leaky kitchen faucet last night because it was raining outside and we couldn't do anything steps to home renovation here!) What I meant to say is, "Congratulations!" :-)

  5. The Right Day is so right Zoey. You got some terrific buys there lady.I wish we had a local Home Depot.
    Have a wonderful weekend, planting lilies.

  6. Yep, it's the perfect time of year to grab those perennials-you did good!
    I'm so jealous about your faucet-but wait, I do have two, but the one out front doesn't work right for some reason! Bri said he'd check it out-that was a few years ago. Anyway, it will make you life easier.

  7. Well darn it, I went right by our Home Depot yesterday but never thought of going to check if they had end of season plant sales! I have to go into the city again tomorrow so I'll go look then:-) Price sure is right!!

    Oh yes, you will definitely appreciate having that faucet at the back of the house...your plants will be smiling next year! lol xoxo

  8. Jackpot!! Great buy Zoey! Next job is to do some planting.
    A new water faucet..good for can water your plants next year with ease.

  9. A water spigot and great deals on plants, what more could you ask for! I don't like HD but I might need to check out the garden area. I have one burning bush and I love it, too. Jean

  10. Looks like a healthy haul, Zoey! But it's a long way to summer ... Hang tight and Happy Autumn :)

  11. Oohh, there's nothing like a good deal at the local garden centre isn't there? Bravo for you. I went out to my HD and found a few goodies - thanks for the reminder. Thanks too for posting and sharing your garden and quilting with us all - you've inspired me to start a blog of my own!


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