Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Year's Work

See that big fat book in the back?

Well, it started its life just like the little skinny red book in front of it.

They are my function books for all of the events I sell at work. Everything I book, gets a contract. The fat one is my 2008 function book and the red one is my 2009 book (you can see a few contracts sticking out of that one already).

Yesterday after I had pulled out '09 to schedule an event, I was struck by the difference in size, so I grabbed the Big Kahuna's camera and snapped this shot. He thought I was nuts. But sometimes I am just awed by things like this.

I have filled 23 of these books in my hotel career. That's a lot'a contracts!


  1. Zoey, you are a very valued employee! You must be very good at your job.

  2. That is an awful lot of contracts..way to go Zoey!!

  3. I think you should be very proud of yourself for the accomplishments you've done in your job!! As you say, that IS a lot of contracts!!! xoxo

  4. I guess you'd rather have the fat, overflowing books than the ones that may be skinny at this time of the year. You must have a popular hotel and I bet you get a lot or returning customers. Good job!!


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