Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Night at the Movies

Thanks to Linda over at Reminisce...and This and That, I spent a lovely evening watching a movie. It's something I rarely do, but Linda wrote about some of her favorite movies and I suddenly had the urge to watch a movie myself.

About six years ago my son bought us a DVD player for Christmas.

He thought it was about time we got rid of those big 8 track tapes. Well, we thanked him for the lovely gift. He hooked it up. We never used it.
Each Christmas he would buy us DVD's. We would stick them near the player, close the door and never open it again. After a couple of years, he finally realized that we never used it.

We admitted we did not even know how to turn the thing on!

He wrote out the step-by-step directions.
We stuck them top of the DVD player where we found them last night

Before sending DH out to get a movie and pizza, I wanted to make sure the thing worked. We gave the directions a took three tries, but we finally got it to play.

While DH went to get a pizza, I threw a quilt on the floor, tossed a couple of pillows on top, found some TV trays and got out paper plates.

I was all set when the pizza arrived.

Look, we actually have a movie! It's the Bucket List.

We both enjoyed our movie night. Our son will be very happy when he hears that we have finally used the DVD player!


  1. Zoey, you are too funny. Your son will be proud. Did you like th movie? I heard it was good, but sad.

  2. Okay that is one of the sweetest things I've ever read!! Gotta love parents. heeheehee

  3. Zoey..Oh I understand this one..I am not good with our DVD player either, good thing that my hubby is.
    Nice and cozy place to watch the movie! Pizza looks yummy.

  4. Zoey you sound like me! Brian bought me a table saw one year for Christmas. I had it in my head to cut out cute little things to paint and sell. Did I ever do that? No. Heck, I did it in woodshop in 7th grade when we switched with the boys who took home ec for a few months.
    Then Bri got me a tablet drawing thing that gets hooked up to the computer. Opps-never tried that yet-have had it almost a year. I didn't ask for that one.
    Anyway, you picked a good movie. I see you still have a 'tube' tv in an entertainment center. We had that until a few months ago and had to replace the tv-got the flat screen. We would have liked a bigger tv, but they don't fit that great in the entertainment centers.

  5. Debbie, yes, I enjoyed the movie and, yes, you need a box of kleenex next to your chair.

    Dawn, Don't they all think their parents are out of it? Hee hee.

    Betty, I curled up in the guilt on the floor for half of the movie. DH stayed on the sofa. He's not much for watching TV on the floor.

    Dianne, you will have to make a NYE resolution to use those items. :)
    Yes, still have the old TV. I plan to keep it until it dies. I hate big screen TV's. I want mine to be hidden when not in use.


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