Sunday, November 9, 2008

If I say the " C" word, you won't throw a Snowball at me, will you?

Today I climbed up to the top of my bathroom mirror to clean the light covers. I've been noticing dust up there for a few weeks, and I finally decided today was the day.

It was a bit of a chore to get up there with a bucket of water, a cleaning cloth, and a toothbrush (I can't clean anything without my trusty toothbrush!).

I had to have DH come in to remove the items I had on top of the cabinet. At 6'3" he is often better than a ladder. :)

Anyway once I got it all done, I thought I would just run downstairs to the basement and bring up some CHRISTMAS items to decorate the top. I mean why put everything back just to have to take it all down again in a few weeks? I'm all about saving time and effort whenever possible.

I wanted to have a place to showcase all of the snowman items that Jean sent me earlier in the year. I was thinking of a wreath, but while cleaning I had the sudden isnpiration to use them in the bathroom.

Jean, I hope you will think I have done your items justice with this winter display:

I used some big pinecones & a few other snowman items that were gifts -- one from another cyber swap and one from a deceased friend. Every item is special because someone took the time to make them just for me.

This is the salt dough ornie that Jean and her daughter, Laurie, made.

I think he is so adorable!


  1. I think snowmen are more seasonal than Christmasy. It sure looks great what you did in your bathroom. I have a snowmen collection that I haven't displayed for a few years. I should get them out again. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh, it's not a big screen tv we have, it's a flat screen-Samsung-26". Our 27" tv blew out and a lady who works at Best Buy who reads my blog recommended it. I really like it. Great to take photos off of too, but you have to get the HD hooked up to it. HGtv sure looks different!

  2. I'm not ready for the C word yet but it's coming whether we're ready or not. I just prefer to take one season at a time. I think snowmen are fine, though and they can stay out through February, if you like. It looks like you did a good job of decorating.

  3. Zoey, I'm glad you are enjoying your snowmen! The bathroom is just as good a spot as any. I leave my snowmen up all winter or until I'm totally sick of winter! Everything looks great ! Love it! Jean


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